Formatting the sd card is not clearing up memory

When I try to format the sd card it’s not showing the SD card get cleared on 2 of my 6 cams

How old are the cards? They could have bad sectors or something. If you insert them into a computer, do they read in there? Will another card work in that camera (try swapping some and see if the issue persists)? You could try formatting the cards in another cam or computer and see if that fixes the issue. You could have a computer scan the card for any bad sectors.

Try rebooting the camera and trying again.

What firmware are you on and what is the App version number?

If none of the above work, then I would submit a log and contact support and they walk you through some remaining ideas and see what other options are available.
Let us know what you find out trying any of the above.

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I have seen this in the past and had to restart the camera for the SD Card to show it is formatted.

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I am having the same issue. formats ok in computer, zero memory after formatting. bought a brand new SD card same results. shut down restarted, reformatted, restarted. reformatted. multiple combinations of the above. no luck.

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