Formatting SD card doesnt change used capacity


I’m trying to format the SD card in my Pan camera. The format complete but still the amount of storage free doesn’t change. Rebooting camera and app changes nothing. What’s going on. Anyone else experienced this? Just trying to clear old data without having to remove the card and do it on mi computer.

What type of camera (can I assume Pan cam since you posted the question in the Pan Cam section of the forum)?

What firmware version is the camera operating with?

What app are you using (iOS or android)?

What software version is the App?

What type and size of uSD card?

What is it showing for capacity on the app (preferably before and after formatting)?

Just for grins, I formatting the uSD card in one of my Pan Cameras. It worked fine.

Pan cam firmware, iOS App version 1.4.56 (both beta versions).

uSD card is a SanDisk 64GB High Availability. Before 0.37G / 59.45G – after 59.45G / 59.45G


Did you hear the chime when you insert the card ? If not, the card is not properly recognized by the camera.

I have encountered this situation before and had to format the card with my pc.

Key is hearing the chime right after inserting the card. Otherwise either the card is not recognized at all or nothing change after formatting.