Formatting large SD cards

Stan any update for my last posting?


Card is full and has been properly overwriting oldest files for 4.5 days using continuous HD write on a Cam v2 running beta firmware with Samsung 256GB card formatted to exFAT standard. I can view from current datetime (23JUN2022@1955) back to 23APR2022@1200. Just updated the firmware on this v2 cam to latest beta version so I’ll be declaring this test successful, concluding this test, pulling card, reformat and start next test with Cam v3. Will also be testing v3 with the new version SAMSUNG PRO Endurance 256GB.


Thanks Seapup, I predict failure around the 80-90 Gig mark :slight_smile:

Dont mind my sarcasm, just not holding my breath for a fix very soon despite WyzeDesmond stating that he is conducting tests with various FW versions and 256 Gig cards, posted 12 days ago on the other thread.

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An update has been posted on the other thread

Light at the end of the tunnel



So, what’s the current status on this? Can anyone confirm that 256GB cards with exFAT are fully supported in the latest production firmware?

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If you go to SHOP and look at the Tech Specifications for all the cameras you will see they all support 256GB cards. Like this:

I currently have 256GB cards in a V2, V3 and a V3 Pro. They are working fine.

Also note: I have NEVER needed to format a new card before putting it into a camera. Just open the packaging and put into the camera and it will work.


Successful performance of factory formatted 256GB SD Cards in PanV1, V3, V3Pro, PanV3, and OG Cams all running production firmware.

I would like an update as well. My Wyze 32GB cards are starting to fail after being in my V2 cams for over a year, with the cams set to continuous recording. I just purchased a Samsung Pro Endurance 256GB MicroSD and installed it in the front yard cam today. I plan to keep an eye on it, checking every other day for now. I also have a SanDisk 256GB High Endurance microSD on order, due to arrive on Sat. I’ll put that in back yard cam. I’ll see how they perform and report the results here.

Large SD cards in exFAT have been working in basically all camera models on public production firmware since December 2022, some of them for longer before that.

I’ve had 256GB cards in several camera models, and some 400GB cards in some cams and all have been working great with no problems for many months now. Rest assured they’re all compatible with larger cards now. :+1:

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I have never been able to get a 256 mb card to work on my Wyze Cam v3, it just quits recording after a few days.

128 mb works fine.

That’s weird. It’s been working for everybody else for several months now. What is your firmware version on that cam? And what card are you using do you have a link to it?

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I have no issues using a 256GB Samsung Pro Endurance card in a V3 with firmware

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Card is a Samsung EVO Plus 256mb Micro SD.

That’s weird, I even have one of those Samsung EVO Plus 256GB cards in one of my V3’s with that same production firmware version on it. I have absolutely no idea why it isn’t working for you on yours. Maybe try telling the camera to format it, or try having a computer format it to FAT32 instead of exFAT and see if that helps your particular situation. At least, those are things I would try.