Format camera

I am trying to format my campan2 remotely with my iPhone , but when I hit format it still shows SD Card full after formatting,

         Any suggestions?

Does it say failed or does the format button just go back to saying format after the greyed out “formatting” text goes away? What if you go back to the Home Screen of the app and check again?

The format bar shows a full blue bar after formatting which tells me it isn,t formatted

I am having the same issue on all of my cameras. It says it’s formatting, then shows “format completed” but it’s not erased anything.
I just now hit format 4 times & go back into playback, & the video’s are finally gone. I click on the cameras icon for a playback date & it shows “Dec 31, 1969.” Wait, what?!!

BTW, the live video & playback does show the correct time & date.

EDIT: The time & date on timeline finally corrected itself.

of the few times I have formatted a card but it still shows data on it, if I restart that camera in the app the card shows it is actually formatted when the cam is back up. I think it holds onto the last bit of data for a while and thinks the card has info it actually doesn’t. try that next time.