For those with huge bandwidth/data usage

After installing 3 Wyze Cam V3’s, I started to notice that I was getting a lot of data usage through my ISP even though I was only live streaming my Cams from within the same network. After finding out that the Wyze cams are supposed to connect using P2P to any devices on the same LAN, I started digging to find out why mine weren’t. I logged into my Motorola Surfboard modem/router and began to review settings. I could see all the cams on the same network as well as the mobile devices used to connect to them. After reviewing nearly every setting I could find, one thing caught my eye. It was “AP Isolation”. AP Isolation prevents any one device on the network from communicating directly with any other device on the network for safety purposes. This is turned on by default on Surfboard modems. With 2 clicks I was able to turn this feature off and after a couple of days of use since then, I can confidently say that my data use has dropped from about 20GB per day on average with spikes in the 60’s and 70’s down to a pretty steady 4 to 6GB per day. Different modems and routers will likely have different names for their AP Isolation feature but it is worth looking into. Even if you’re not having issues it is worth saving the network traffic and strain on your ISP for no reason!


Good information for many people. I have known about that capability for years. An obvious use for things like restaurant / bar / hotel WiFi, but generally not a big requirement for your home WiFi - and in many cases, not desirable.


It would be nice if you posted where the setting is on the Motorola. I have a Motorola MG 8702. I don’t stream my cams and I have no connection problems to any of my 8 cams but it would still be nice to know.
There are a lot pages and a lot of settings for the modem and router. Just a thought.

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Luckily I have high limit and did not notice. I only do event recording to SD.

Don’t forget though that for those who use Guest Network for their IoT devices AP Isolation is recommended.

I thought that was the purpose of a guest network? Mine definitely isolates automatically and is even on a non 192-addressed network.

Correct but most router have that as an option to have it on or off. Manufacturers are catering to both types of consumers, home and small business/cafe.

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