Foggy spot in middle of camera

I know the cameras are supposed to be weather and waterproof, but it looks like my roof cam has a small spot of foggy condensation in the lens. It was great for almost a year but we have had some strong winds and heavy rains the last few days (like we always get). Has anyone experienced this and will it dry out on it’s own?

Did you have this camera mounted upside down? Sometimes water can pool there and seeps into the sd card port.

I would try opening the sd card cover and removing the card (if you have one), then set it outside (if it’s dry) or in a bag of rice.

There have been other reports of moisture behind the lens in extreme high humidity \ wet climates applications.

Get a jug of Silica Gel Desiccant Beads. Best stuff for pulling moisture out of electronics and they are reusable!