Floodlight Pro Light Issues

My Floodlight Pro’s light turned on by itself last night and started flickering. Does anyone know what might be causing this? When I checked in the app, the light toggle was still off. If I turn on ambient light or toggle the light on, it seems to stop the flickering, but if both were off, the light stays on flickering again.

After I power cycled it this morning, the light was able to turn off and stay off. I had this happen to me a month ago and was able to get the light to behave normally after a factory reset and deleting all my rules tied to the floodlight pro.

My settings were: light toggle was off, ambient light was off, motion activated light was on for sunrise to sunset. It was also raining at the time.

I’m hoping this is a software glitch instead of hardware failure, but have no guesses to what might be causing the light to turn on and flicker.

My firmware is