Floodlight Cam3 with Cam plus service problemS

After 11/4/22 all kind of problems happened with the new firmware update, all my recording about 11 seconds, zero seconds, 2 seconds. Blank video too, many glitch. I sent so many log files to support and all responds were generic , yes they will tell the software Eng., etc. but nothing to solve my problem. I searched, decided to go back to old firmware . the wyze website said " Download a specific version of firmware, For Windows 10: Right-click on the folder and select extract all. For Mac: Just drag and drop the folder, put it on the root directory of your microSD card. For both Mac and Windows, rename the file to demo_wcv3.bin.".
I downloaded the file and extracted, it give me folder and file , folder name _Macoxs , and file name demo_wcv3.bin, the _macoxs folder has file in it ._demo_wacv3.bin.
So which file I rename , i have no idea, what usb cable they talking about i do not know, floodlight cam3 power from junction box not usb cable. I opened a chat with support for hour or so for nothing, he was reading what the web said, and kept saying rename the file and use usb cable, and i kept asking and explaining no cable, file already has the right name, all for nothing no help what so ever. i kept going up and down the for more than 4 hours, inserting and taking out the card from the camera , power down and up the camera and hold the setup button for nothing my 256G card got destroyed somehow . i got another micro sd 4G and i did the same . I lost my 256g card with all important recording and still suffering from the new firmware with no help from support , paying for cam plus for nothing. any input appreciated

PS I renamed ._demo_wacv3.bin which is only 1 k in subfolder _Macoxs . to demo_wacv3.bin did not do anything, I put it back to original name , I kept trying with renaming folder, file, and trying all for nothing what a hassle !!

Sorry your having issues with your floodlight.

Before we get to flashing firmware, try removing the cam from cam plus (in the account > services) tab, and adding it again. Then check your event recording and detection settings. See if events are working now.

If not, you can try to flash the firmware. Make sure you use a 32 gb or less micro sd card formatted as FAT32. Make sure you don’t have anything else on the card, and the only partition is the primary partition. Put the demo.bin file in the root directory of the sd card, eject it, and insert it into the cam when it’s powered off. Follow the instructions from there.

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Thank you for your reply , I removed cam plus, then I assign it back , but did not fix the problem. i understand everything you said about fat32, 4 g SD card to the point you said put demo.bin in root directory . Let me point out This is Cam3 not cam2, I downloaded the zip file, extracted on my Pc , after extraction here is what i got …
demo_wcv3.36.9. “**Main folder” , with subfolder and file under it ; subfolder name is _Macoxs, this subfolder has file inside ._demo_wacv3.bin (size 1 kb) , under the “Main folder” another file name is demo_wacv3.bin (size 9681 kb) , so no demo.bin file , wyze support site confusing , I do not know if they are talking about file or folder , and what file to rename if its already had the correct name. what to put in the root of the Sd card , the whole main folder or just demo_wacv3.bin file? Thanks again

Try just putting the demo_wacv3.bin in the root, and deleting everything else. If your on windows, make sure you don’t have hidden file extensions enabled

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Hi, could you please provide me one log you sent to support and if possible, a snapshot of event page showing those events. That could help me locate the exact time and help you from there. Thanks!

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I do not know how to provide you with log file, log file sent from inside the app to support . Tell me where i can find it? Thanks

In the wyze app . When you’re on the home tab , click on account . It’ll be on the bottom of the screen .

Scroll down to Wyze support and select submit a log .

Choose the device you’re having issues with and explain the issue you’re experiencing with the best details you can give .

And include screenshots or videos if you can with the log .

Once you submit it , you’ll wait a few seconds and get a successful submission screen . Then either screenshot or copy the log ID number that shows up on the screen and share it to @WyzeDesmond so they can investigate into this matter :slight_smile:


I done all that last week 3 times , I thought there is another way for me to see it or I can send it to someone else . Thanks

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You can view log history, but it’s best to get a new one to make sure everything is up to date.

It’s a very quick process, and once you get the number just paste it in here. Thanks!

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latest log a t11/10 12:17am , id 788544, 12:25 am id 788558. all problems after the latest firmware

Rulwiz, [IEatBeans

Any help ? or Anyone else, has same problems and fix it?
By the way the log files can be created only for recording which not be be viewed l, but they are many recording for 12 seconds does not show anything moved,. but by viewing same recording on my MicroSD I see car passed by either right after or before the event recording, , also some video showing for example rear of car passed by ( no recording from the beginning of the car when entered my detection zone!} for all of these videos no option to create log files