Flood Light v2 Camera and Flood Light

I just installed my new flood light and am pleased with its performance and features.

What I cannot find is the relationship of the light activation to the camera. What I’m finding is that the lamp will trigger on at various times of the night with no camera notification. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity of both and still get the lamp trigger for no apparent reason.

So is there a way to change the settings to where the lamp (during sunset to sunrise) will only come on when there is an event that triggers the camera?

Do you have Cam+ subscription? If not, not all movements will generate a notification. There’s a 5-minute cooldown period between notifications; during this period, no other notification is sent.

If you installed an SD card, all detected movement will be recorded (no cooldown).

Yes, I have a Cam+ and do not currently have an SD card installed.

The real question for me is: If the light comes on does it always generate a notification? In my case not, even if it was within the 5 min cooldown I would have received the first one.

I still have the issue with the floodlight randomly turning on without any notification of what triggered it. It came on at least a dozen times last night without a single notification of what caused it.