Floodlight Pro mandatory buying Cam+ to avoid "5 min cooldown" of not working

I don’t ever recall reading before purchasing 3 of these Floodlight Pro units that I’d have to pay the Cam Plus monthly fee or the units would be non-functional for 5 min after a detection - that’s highway robbery, or at least home robbery, imho!

Purchase some high endurance 256GB SD and record continuous.
If you want cloud recorded events with notifications such as person, pet or vehicle you need to pay for cam plus.

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I have 256 GB SD cards in all three that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the fact that unless you buy cam plus the camera doesn’t work after it stops recording for awhile. You’ll see in the settings there’s a five minute cool down period which cannot be turned off unless you buy cam plus. Another words it will record an event and when it is done it will not record again for a set amount of time again, potentially while somebody is breaking in to my home. When I was reading their info on the Home Depot site when I decided to buy these there was nothing at all that stated this. It stated that it would record to SD card which is why I bought three 256 SD cards to hold plenty of video data before being written over and believed I wouldn’t need to buy cloud service - I was misled, fooled and duped.

Also - in Settings > Event Recordings > Smart Detection you can set it for Person and Vehicle without Cam Plus, but not for Pets or Package without paying.

Yes, this model does have local person and vehicle detections without paying for cam plus.

It also allows event recording to an SD card without any cooldown, or recording continuously to the SD card.

But the notification limit is no more than once every 5 minutes. The best option for this is to set a good detection zone and good detection sensitivity settings. Block out tree branches where possible since they often have constant motion. That doesn’t solve the problem of constant rain/snow though.

Since you got them through The Home Depot, you could take it up with them if you are dissatisfied. The Home Depot usually has a pretty good return policy.

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I’ve noticed that when the floodlights turn on from my own motion, and then turn off after my preset of 3 minutes, the floodlights will not activate again for a period of time when I am still outside moving in the detection zone.

This is how all manufactures work, If you are going to store in the cloud the vendor has to pay for those servers and employees. Some cams from manufactures won’t work at all without a subscription.

Yes, I know this as I spent a long time researching different brands. My point is that nowhere in the research of Wyze did I find that there was a “Recording Cooldown” in Settings of 5 min. that can’t be turned off without a Cam Plus subscription. That was the reason I purchased Wyze - I read very carefully everything and saw that I could record everything on SD cards and was happy not to have purchase subscription- I have SD cards - what happens during that 5 minutes - that’s way more that enough time for someone to break in. Furthermore, I also saw nothing about only being able to see “Thumbnails” but not “Video” in “Recording Type” setting without buying a subscription. I should be able to record anything onto my SD cards - that’s why I bought them.

You can still view that 5 min if you have continuous recording set on the SD card

You are correct, it will not record another “Cloud Event” for the time set. It will record to the SD card 24/7 with or without cam plus. Cloud events are on the events page, the videos on the SD card are viewed via playback. I prefer continuous recording to the SD over “Event recording” to the SD so the camera misses nothing.
V3 and v3 Pro continuous.

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OK thanks for that information so I have it set to continuous recording but what about “ All motion events “versus “Smart detection events “. I have it set now for vehicles and person in the smart detection setting as I can’t set it for packages and pets without paying for cam plus. I don’t want the flood lights coming on constantly so I’m just not sure about that smart detection setting

Sorry I can’t help with your cam settings because I do not have a Flood Light Pro. I just have the V3 cams and a V3 Pro cam all on Cam Plus unlimited, some set to person, package, pet. I normally have vehicle turned off during the day because my V3 Pro is covering the driveway and I don’t want to be informed all the time that my truck is parked there when a cat or a squirrel walks by or a swaying tree is setting off the cam.