Flood light, attached camera removal

Hello, I had trouble searching for this question. We bought a flood light and I wanted to set up the camera before having the entire flood light installed… I’m having trouble unplugging the camera from the flood light housing. Is the plug hard wired to it? I’m afraid to use pliers and warp the plastic plug, I’ve already left a slight impression on it already =(


If you unscrew the camera from the base and then follow the cord from the back of the camera you can pull it off


Easiest thing to do, if you have not hooked up the flood light yet, is to get an extension cord with the plug on one side and wires on the other. Then simply use wire nuts to connect the flood light up and set it up.

I did this with 2 of them before actually installing.

Something like this:

Then you can test all aspects, setup the camera, set the lights to come on when needed and if you have the extension camera, set that up as well. When done, you can hook it up and as long as you have WiFi in the location, it should connect and just work


Ok thanks! I just wanted to check before I hulk out on it and rip something lol. I ended up using vicegrips to pull the bugger out… it was in there pretty good.

Also, thanks Spamoni4. Thats a really good idea, I may try that on our back porch!


That’s a good idea, just BE CAREFUL!! The exposed wires on the other end are super dangerous, and dont let them get too close too each other when plugged in.


Absolutely correct.

Do not try to hook up the wires if you have it plugged in, hook up the wires first, then plug it into the wall outlet.


I’ll keep this bookmarked for the future :slight_smile:

This is exactly what I’ll be using when I set up the floodlight camera to the side of my house that does not have wiring for a floodlight

Wize needs to do better here, i am seeing the same issues that most are, you cannot register the darn thing. Probably should have gone with the ring. I hav 3 rings, never an issue setting them up. I have numerous wyze cams and devices and have had issues with a few. The wyze cam floodlight sorry to say is a failure. Wize should follow ring on how to activate with regards to app and wifi registration. Scanning a QR code is just not the right way to do this. 30 years in IT, 9 years installing security cameras and panel, nvrs etc…

First off , welcome to the forum @troy-mac sorry to read of your troubles

What exactly is your issue? Thanks

Cannot scan QR code even printed out as some have suggested, also tried while it was dark out to minimize glare nothing works. I guess I am going to have to try spamoni4 way of activation. Which is a very dangerous way to get rlthe camera activated in the app and on Wi-Fi.

I do remember when the floodlight camera first came out in November 2021 that their was a lot of cameras that did not want to scan the qr code.

You could try what spamoni did but you could also just remove the camera from the floodlight accessory , if you follow the cable from the back of the camera you’ll find where its plugged into. It’s gonna take a bit of force to get it off but you can remove it.

Then if you have other wyze cameras , use the included cable and connect it to a power adapter and power it on and try setting it up that way.

What phone are you using?

I have found great success with turning brightness up, make sure theirs no glares, have the phone about 6 inches away from phone. Try moving it up close and far apart slowly. Try moving it from side to side to reduce glare.

If all else fails, contact wyze support and I’m sure they’ll be able to get you a replacement. Please keep us updated