Float & Flow Sensor - Monitor the water levels in a tank

In an area where water is scarce, it would be great to look at an app to see the level of water in the tanks to know if to slow consumption or order a supply.
A float switch I guess, not a physical camera visual. You look at the App and it could give you an illustration or can simply give you a percentage. Accuracy is not important as you simply need to know what the rough levels are and when you are running low. Currently, people have to climb a tank, open the top and look inside OR knock the side to determine water levels - accuracy is not a driver.
On a separate note but related: if you had a flow monitor that connects to a 3/4 PVC line, you could inform people when water starts flowing again in the line. Again, does not have to give flow rate or volume of water, simply, water is flowing or it isn’t. Much like the flood warning, this would also double up as an alert that water is flowing when you are not expecting it to. If there was a faulty sprinkler system or an outside underground pipe bursts, you would know that water is wasting below the ground as the flow monitor tells you that water is pumping but no one in the building is using it.
I hope this helps - TWO IDEAS! GO WYZE!

There is something like this (which I have):

Or more like this:

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