Smart Pool thermometer (including UV index)

this is a market that no one has, The products that are out there are bluetooth only, Don’t connect via wifi, so need to be within 30 ft to get the temp. Or they cost $300+ for a thermometer.
Need a simple digital one waterproof, that monitors, temp, UV index, possible chemicals even.

Good idea.

Not bluetooth but using wifi…for my fresh water temps at cabin, I used a SONOFF temp power switch. Then I cut the temp cable to add length…15 feet to water from sensor. I guess u could do the same with a longer wire run and put the wifi sensor near the pool light switch. I can see the water temp on the SONOFF app and even added light to switch to attract fish at certain times. I have two sensors, one for water temp, and one for air temp nearby to know what to wear out on the water).

I may try that with pool. Water does go into the light wiring conduit. Since I replaced 500v light with an LED that is 12v and tied into my nearby yard lights(12v). With the led light wiring thinner, there is room in the conduit to run a sensor. I have a SONOFF on the light to turn on/off at certain times.

Although the sensor is metal, coating with paint similar to bed coating paint may help with the harsh pool water. Even if the sensor goes bad yearly, they are only a few bucks.

The solution would be about $20 if you don’t mind waiting or a bit more if you order from USA location.
If ordering from overseas, order a few extra for future projects (water leak solutions under sinks, attic temps, garage temps).

Good luck.

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A free floating smart pool/hottub thermometer, that can communicate measurement to the Wyze app, & watch(es).

Allow user created events based on temperature changes/measurements.

smart extras to add:

  • underwater speaker for music.

  • underwater multicolor LED light (user programmed, time and color)

  • that LED color could also be based on user set temperature readings (3 examples: if temp is below a user specific temp, then set LED on/blue. If temp is between user set temps, set LED on/white. If temp is higher than user set temp, set LED to on/red)

  • a water motion sensor, with a gyro type sensor, it could detect when the water is agitated by unexpected visitors (people or animals). event/alert upon detection

  • add me to the beta testing :grin:


I’d like to see a digital display floating pool thermometer that can link to wifi and use the app to check my pool temp.

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I like this idea!

We found one from Ambient Weather that comes close to what we need! It runs over wifi so I can check it remotely, it has some basic alerts and allows for additional types of units to be added. Bought ours for $100 on a black friday sale and happy so far. Few things I would change;

  • Allow better integration with SmartThings (moot point here but still matters to me)
  • Chlorine sensor maybe. Doesn’t have to be continuous reading, could be at an interval
  • If you want to go real fancy, a salinity PPM sensor since I have a salt water pool :slight_smile:
  • Smart watch integration
  • Small solar panel on the pool floater to negate battery changes.

I would love to see Wyze create an IOT pool / hot tub thermometer that you can get alerts from if say the hot tub dips below a certain temperature. This is mostly for the wintertime. it would work for a pool as well.


I would be happy with something much simpler. Monitoring temperature is the most important. A water motion sensor would be complicated for a pool or spa due to the filter and heater creating agitation.

My primary motivation is to monitor spa at mountain house during winter in case of heater problems or electrical circuit interruption.


I would like to see a thermometer with in app display to see the temp of the pool water.

Does Wyze have a pool & spa temperature sensor planned?

Doubtful. Wyze doesn’t move on fixing current issues or new features with existing products. Wyze only looking to add revenue by adding more customers to services and products that appeal to the masses. Pool temp isn’t something that would hit the mass market(millions).

I’d absolutely love it if they did

Hot tub/pool temperature sensor

Would love to have a wireless floating water temperature sensor for hot tub or pool to monitor temperature without having to go outside to check.

Could also function as an alarm for freezing temps.

Could even have 2 sensors, one at the bottom for water temp and one on top for air temp


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