Flashing RTSP firmware not working

Hi all,

got my V2 cam couple of days ago and want to flash the RTSP firmware on my cam. Got the file renamend as demo.bin on my mSD card, hold the setup button and plug the cam in. But the light won’t turn blue. Only get ‘ready to connect’ afterwards and habe no RTSP option in the advanced settings.

Already checked the card, the cam recognizes it as local storage, so the card is working well.

Any ideas what went wrong?

On your PC, do have file name extensions hidden (the default behavior in Windows)? If so, the file name may not be correct (for example it may be demo.bin.bin but the last .bin is not showing).

No, I have all extensions visible. Hate that default of Windows… :slight_smile:

You have either good or bad timing depending on your point of view. Some iterations of the V2 lost RTSP compatibility and they are almost ready to (at long last) release a new firmware version for it! I suggest you return to stock and wait a bit…

That’s an actual Wyze employee quoted.

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Hi All, we released (v2) and (Pan) for RTSP beta binaries. Please use following post for testing and reporting issues.