Fix-It-Friday 7/1/2022

Fix-It Friday Callout

Well my Forum friends, we made it to Friday!

And it’s the first Friday of the month, you know what that means. it means it is time for this month’s Fix-It-Friday callout! :tada:

If this is your first Fix-It Friday, welcome! For background, while our communities are not designed to be a replacement for Wyze Support, our community members and community managers do our best to help you out here. As our communities scale up, we want to make sure that any outstanding bugs or issues that you folks are facing are on our internal radar and that we’re transparent in our process of working on them.

Here’s how this works:

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If you want to see how this works, you can check this previous Fix-It Friday post:


:rotating_light:Siren on the Pan Cam V2 can not be selected as a trigger rule :rotating_light:

It was available at one time then disappeared with previous updates in April

This is a rule I set where v3s and Pan Cam V2s are triggered by the leak sensor to activate the siren. The rule still works as originally set, but this option is no longer available as seen below.

These are the only options we get for the Pan Cam V2s now in trigger rules.


Hi Jason and WyzeTeam!
I wanted to write and vote for a potential investigation and fix into a rather annoying bug I came across in my time of ownership of my wyzecam. Unfortunately at times, ive noticed a interesting condition where the camera will think there is a problem resolving a specific address:

when this happens the camera decides to spam whatever dns server it can find (it may also be getting this from the phone) as i notice it will hit my carrier’s dns server with tons of new connection requests which ultimately cause a router crash when its connection table fills up.

In this thread here, i detail a workaround/fix I found by specifying the server in a hosts configuration at the router as well as a few other minor annoyances I found and scripts built to address this, as well as automate home/away detection without the need of the apps.


Not sure if this is a feature or bug…need to be able to configure TUNE settings for sensors connected to the Sense Hub if you DON’T have an HMS subscription. You can’t change the settings without a subscription. I only want to use the sensors for automations and such and don’t need/want HMS.


Ourdoor Camera v1 wireless is unstable on firmware, cameras operated fine on firmware v4.17.4.124. Base station is connected via ethernet and update in April to firmware v4.16.3.117. Only change to cameras was the latest firmware. Looking for instructions on rolling back firmware to verify wireless issues are resolved.

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It does seem a little odd that non-HMS users would be forced to have all their sensors chime any time they open, no matter what they are used for (not always an outside doorway or window). At the very least, if someone doesn’t have HMS then the chime settings should be turned off just for consistency (some people have been stuck with some chimes on and some off on different sensors). That does seem like an unintended implementation and could qualify as a bug. I think the chime was intended just to be for HMS subscribers…hence the setting being there in the monitoring tab, thus indicating it should logically turn off for anyone without it.


I’m in that state, although I did setup my sensors so that only the two I wanted to get notifications from had the tunes settings enabled before I let my HMS subscription lapse. However, I would like to have the capability to change the settings in the future.


Wifi networks with no-password networks can’t be used for setup on Wyze Bulb.

This appears to be a bug because it was previously requested in the wishlist that Wyze devices work on password-free networks. Also, the cameras work without password-protected networks.

Given all that, I’m hoping it’s a simple fix in the app to allow networks with no wifi password protection. Some locations have strict rules on wifi networks and compatibility is an issue.


I rebooted the 2 outdoor cameras at the front of the barn, i was not able to get on a ladder to reboot the 2 outdoor cameras in the back of the barn. The connection is better but not as robust as it was with prior firmware. Still getting error code 20 when camera goes offline and some slowness reconnecting to camera.

Please give non-HMS users the option of having the sensor chime or not chime.


I agree that would be preferred (to make the chime option selectable for everyone whether they have HMS or not). But if they aren’t going to do that (as is implied by putting it in the monitoring tab as part of the HMS), and are going to keep the setting only in the monitoring tab instead of the device home tab, then they should at least make all the sensors consistent and not force it on everyone that doesn’t want constant chiming with everything. But definitely would first be preferable to make the option available to everyone.


Can we PLEASE have the slider back on the event tab so that we can rewind events videos before they have completely uploaded.

At present we have to wait before we can view what triggered the event.`


Disagree completely with that. The Tune sounds with or without HMS and should be controllable either way.


I totally get that, and support that. Don’t misunderstand, I would support that completely. The more options the better. I am all for self-monitoring, and things included for free by default, especially for a feature that doesn’t cost Wyze any additional money on an ongoing basis. I think that’s the biggest rationale for making it available to everyone. There is no reason to paywall a feature that doesn’t incur extra-cost from the servers, cloud, etc. Totally supportive of that. That would be my preference.

My belief though, is that the HMS team intended for the chime to included as part of the HMS subscription as they implied many times while they were developing it. The idea was that the chimes helped people to “Monitor” their home as other Home Security systems offered. That is why they included it in the monitoring tab when it launched. Thus, it was a “Bug” that it continued to chime for those without HMS. This is not an indication of what I want or hope or wish…just that it was my understanding that Wyze had intended chimes to be part of monitoring. I was only speaking in terms of what Wyze had implied in the past (that chimes were supposed to be part of the HMS). Thus, having some sensors chime and some not chime for those without HMS, should constitute as an unintended consequence and thus a bug (logically it should be all or none or controllable…and right now none of those are the case), and if a bug, then it is a valid Fix-It-Friday request…if it is instead designed this way on purpose, and we are just asking for them to add control for non-HMS users, then it counts as a feature request and is invalid as a Fix-It-Friday subject to be considered.

At this stage, I would point out to Wyze that they did start advertising to some people that they can get the equipment without an HMS subscription (there was an email announcing this). So it’s definitely official that they have started to encourage people to get the equipment for self-monitoring now, and have made statements about working on self-monitoring options. Allowing this feature to be controllable by everyone would be a good step toward that stated goal…but regardless, I am simply pointing out that either way it should qualify as a bug because it is not consistent…it locks up some sensors with a chime and some without and no way to make them consistent or to change them.

But again I do support moving/copying control settings to the hub settings instead of solely in the monitoring tab. I just remember them implying that it was their intent to have it included with HMS. I don’t think there is a good rationale for that though since it does not have an ongoing cost and they said they want to allow self-monitoring options.


Sometimes a notification is “STUCK” on Android and won’t swipe off the screen

This bug seems to come and go as new app versions come out, but it is back again. Every so often, a push notification won’t allow me to “swipe” it away to clear it off the screen. If I have several notifications, I can usually swipe all of them away at once and they call clear, but if there is a sticky one, it won’t let me clear them all at once, or clear which ever one is “sticky” and refuses to swipe/clear. I have to either force-stop the Wyze app, or else press and hold on a notification, click the settings gear icon, toggle notifications off, which clears them all, then toggle them back on, which allows notifications to continue to come back in. This is required everytime a notification gets “stuck”…it occurs inconsistently with a random camera event notification every so often.

It seems this was resolved for a while (as I went months without experiencing it for a while), but it is back again now.


I agree, IT’S A BUG! My preference: Individual sensor choice of chime or not for both HMS scribers and non-subscribers. I have some sensors I would like to chime and some I don’t want to chime.

Once again I am adding a +1 to @ShardlowM’s post.

The decision to abandon the AWS KVS in favor of the TUTK live view introduced a serious security blind spot in these cams! They are now a useless layer of security to the HMS I specifically purchased because of the cam integration.

This has been requested in May and June’s Fix-it Friday with no acknowledgement or response from Wyze. This will mark the third consecutive Fix-it Friday it has been discussed.


@carverofchoice please don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean anything significant with my disagreement. It seems that the Tune function is built into the hub so one can argue that it isn’t really part of HMS. Those functions are primarily software, not hardware. If the Tune function is really part of HMS, I would assume it would stop working when you don’t have a subscription. The fact that it continues as setup (all on/off or specific sensors on/off) it seems to be part of the hub hardware settings.


Excellent rationale! A good explanation for how this should be considered a bug that should be fixed for everyone to be able to control it. I like it, very logical. Thanks for extending the conversation. :+1: I enjoy these respectful discussions we have.