Fix-It Friday 3/4/22

Yes it works only" AFTER "signing into Google. Try a advice that you are not signed into Google… I had to go back to the app in July. Any updates after that will not allow the wyze app to work unless I sign into Google first.

I’m using an old app from July …if I update it then wyze won’t work. As long as I don’t update the wyze app I have from July, everything’s fine. If you can suggest a mirror site to get your app from other than Google play I will try that.

Thanks. Pete

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P.S. the device I’m using is a Motorola g stylus I bought in January 2020.

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I use and trust APKMirror. Here’s the direct link to the Wyze Apps history on there:

You can scroll back and download any earlier version of the Wyze app including saving a copy of the one you’re running right now. You could even try installing some slightly more recent app versions one at a time, and if those don’t work for you, you can uninstall/delete them and go back to an earlier version. I have used this site to load specific versions someone is using so I can test the problems they are having to see if I can help them.

That’s the APK mirror site I would recommend at least, but there are others that are pretty good too.
I hope that helps give you some comfort knowing you can have a backup of the app not on Google in case you need it.

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Yes I’m not sure why but when I reboot my phone if I don’t sign into Google the wyze app doesn’t work. Once I sign in to Google. Then everything works fine… I will explore some other issues just seems curious that’s all thanks.

Awesome great suggestion! thank you very much, I will definitely try that !! :slightly_smiling_face:

Since you are downloading it from somewhere besides Google play, you may need to find the file and tell it to open/install, and Android will basically always ask you if you are sure it is “safe” since you didn’t get it from Google. That’s normal. You should be careful about where you download apps from, but APK mirror is pretty well known to be trustworthy, so feel free to tell it you understand and it’s okay to install.

If you have problems, ask and we’ll see if we can direct you to a walkthrough to help.

@Xigmatek16, I am on the Moto G Stylus 2020 build as well updated to Android 11. For some reason your login credentials for the Wyze app have been tied to your Google account login for the phone. Not sure if you are using the resident password manager from G to sign into the Wyze app or if you are physically typing it in. I use the fingerprint scanner to authenticate for stored passwords.

Do you have two factor authentication turned on in the app?

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Yes, I will… Thanks for all your help.

Hello, I physically type in my username and password. After rebooting my phone if I click on the wyze app, the green screen pops up then goes away and there’s nothing, the sign of screen doesn’t even come up unless I log into Google first. Crazy I know. I’m going to try some of the suggestions that were put up earlier and see if that works… Thank you as well for your input.

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Oh hey, I also wanted to mention that I cannot sign into my Lyft app or Uber app as well until I sign into Google. Maybe it is an issue from apps from the Google play store??

It sounds to me like all of those apps are using two factor authentication with Google Authenticator. This is the second factor beyond your app login credentials and verifies your identity by double checking you against your Google login Credentials (successful user\pass login).

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Im always logged into my Google so i can get all my updates

I think @SlabSlayer 's idea is worth checking out here.

Check if 2 Factor Authentication is enabled on your Wyze App: Go to the Account tab on the bottom right. Then select Security, Then click on Two-Factor Authentication and make sure neither of those options are turned on (they should just have a blank circle for both of them).

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Yes, both have the empty circle. Un checked…

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I’m going to try the APK mirror that you suggested next… thanks again!


Hi @WyzeGwendolyn, is there any news regarding the sensor pairing problem? Does the Wyze team have found the issue? Can we have any timeframe when this is planned to be fixed?


Wyze just recently suspended that Hub Firmware version (just this week I believe) because they are working to figure out how to fix it. So we do know they are actively looking into it and working on it, which is great news. I haven’t heard of a timeframe yet, I’m sure they’ll release it as soon as they are sure they have a working fix for it. It might go to Beta testing first just to make sure everything is okay, so we may get a little advanced warning there. We’ll have to see.


Thank you @carverofchoice for the info, just to clarify: there’s no way to rollback the hub to the previous firmware version, right?