Fix-It Friday 3/4/22

WOW! That’s a lot of log submissions (over 30!)! Way to put in the effort.


Really hope they fix the doorbell AI issue!

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Goodness! Thank you so much! I’ll get this list over to the team now. Well done, SlabSlayer! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Hi @UserCustomerGwen ,

I believe I have a firmware issue regarding sensor pairing: I have brand new Hub + 3 Motion Sensors, I’m unable to pair it, I tried different wifi networks, batteries, connected LAN cable, paired and unpaired sense hub multiple times. The firmware version that I have in the hub is, and pairing fails 100% of the time. Hub keeps saying “ready to connect” and lights are blinking, but it can’t detect the sensor. After some time process stops and the app displays a general error that the sensor was not detected and suggests restarting the network and trying again.

I’ve also submitted the log, here’s the log ID: 496110

I have the same problem since updating to hub firmware Many of us here have the same problem… see 2nd post from the top of topic:


unable to at new sensors. same issue. I won’t bug report, seems there are plenty

Had a motion sensor V2 start false alarming my HMS 2 nights in a row. Got the push notification reporting that sensor, HMS history shows an alarm from motion detected on that sensor, but history on that sensor shows no history. ???

Decided to change to new batteries and reinstall.
Failed to connect.
Deleted sensor device from app and reinstalled.
Failed to connect.
Now the hub is sitting there blinking at me in defiance.

Any idea when this hotfix will be pushed?

FW Log 496846

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UPDATE: Replied to a post on the FW Update Topic:

Thanks @spamoni, took your soft reset advice and experienced a successful pairing! Back up and monitoring.

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I may be mistaken now. @R.Good tested to see if he can add a Sensor as well, but he is now faced with the same issues as before. So the issue is not corrected :frowning: Sorry @R.Good.

Not sure why mine worked today, maybe it was a fluke:

App Version I am using is: 2.29.0 (b112) Android
Firmware on the Hub:

I know there is two ways to add a sensor, I used the home screen and clicked the + at the top right. I did not go into the Hub and add it from there. Wonder if that could be a difference.

In any event, Seems as if the issue may not be 100% corrected yet.


Just successfully added a Sensor to HMS. I am testing the latest RC for the App on Android. Not sure if the updated app corrected this or if something was done server side.

However, I still cannot change the Tune Settings.


I’m still on the old app So it must be server side or self healing FW on the hub (not). It would be unlikely that it just took this long for the new Hub FW version to trickle down and sink in?? I’m not smart enough to understand how that works.


I have been in IT for 38+ years. Based on what happened, I agree with your assumption that it must have been server side for the Pairing of devices. THat would explain why Tune Changes still don’t work as that must be a FW update. This is an interesting roller coaster ride. :slight_smile:

Maybe I am sick as I find these issues interesting and challenging. I like a challenge and try to do what I can to either correct or work around the issue.

Thanks for posting what you did, caused me to verify if I can add a sensor, and sure enough I could.


This is true… Tried adding a V2 contact sensor. Rules associated to the Sensors have stopped working, All three lights are blinking together at the same time (stuck in adding a device “mode”.

History tells me wait the x hours for it to return to normal
iPhone v2.29.0 (a22)
LOG ID 498369

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I can’t even begin to describe how messed up the hub is right now, especially with respect to adding/using leak sensors.

I’m having all the issues described above re: adding new sensors. Adding new sensors doesn’t work. When I reset the hub, I get all the strange behavior described in this thread and others: weird static coming from the hub, blinking lights, etc. EVENTUALLY, if I time it right, I’m able to add the new leak sensors.

However, even after adding the leak sensors, I’m experiencing strange behavior from the sensors when testing with water. Sometimes, when I put the sensors in water, the leak is detected, other times, it’s not. Sometimes, after detecting a leak, the sensor gets stuck on “leak on body” state even though the leak is cleared.

I have 15 leak sensors and this is a new pack of three (it’s actually a warranty replacement after I had one malfunctioning sensor), so I have a fair amount of experience adding/using/testing these and there’s definitely something wrong with the hub workflow right now.

I’ve definitely only noticed this since the last hub firmware upgrade. I hope Wyze is actively working on this; this is a total failure on their part.

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Mine was stuck in blinkey mode too before I did the soft reset.

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No such luck for me. But all good. I am an “old pro” :older_man:t4: at this issue since back in the early days. :wink:


Dear Gwendolyn,
Are you guys going to fix the app so I don’t have to sign into Google to use it ? I used to be able to use the app. But lately it doesn’t work…

Thanks Pete

It must be on your end we currently have iPhone, ipd,Android phone and tablet and all we use the Wyze app with no issues

Are you guys going to fix the app so I don’t have to sign into Google to use it ?

Please explain how it is required to sign into Google to use the app.

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@UserCustomerGwen Just so you’re aware, the doorbell AI is still broken, it’s been almost a month now…

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You shouldn’t have to sign in to google to use the Wyze App. Even if you use Android, you can even download the app from any number of respectable, trustworthy mirror sites instead of through Google Play. Then you log into it with your Wyze account, not Google.

Or you can use iOS.