Firmware v3?

I am still on for the v3. The new firmware (in Oct) was pulled before it reached my v3, due to the slow release.

I know I could update manually, but was hoping to avoid that. Should I continue to wait for an auto update?

When looking in the android app, Account/Firmware update… selecting “what’s new” no longer links to the firmware page. Getting “oops that page no longer exists”. Works fine on the v3Pro.

Stay with .139

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My v3 cameras on are working fine and I plan to keep them on that firmware until a new release seems bug free. If you are interested, you could sign up for the Beta testing program which has new v3 Beta firmware released yesterday.

I’ll leave it a bit longer then, just seems like they have passed it by for auto updates.
Thanks for the replies.

This thread has more info on v3 firmware over the past few months.