Firmware v1, v2, Pan released to Beta!

(Sorry for the late update. We released our firmware days ago but I forgot to post a note in Beta forum.)


We released an update for our beta firmware for all three types of cameras. The update contains a fix when parsing IoT commands like turning on/off and restart. Before the fix there could be a bug that your can’t turn on/off your camera even your device shows online.

New f/w versions: (You will only see the f/w upgrade prompt if you install our beta app)




I updated all my wyze v2 cams to v2: and now im having trouble connecting to the cameras in live view. It’ll connect maybe 1 out of 10 tries. No difference when power cycling.
It says “connection failed (error code 90). Please try to power cycle the camera.”

Never had this trouble untill this update.

Two of my V1 cameras are displaying the same video from two separate alerts. I use Beta FW and Android App 2.0.8 and both cameras have identical settings (e.g., motion sensitivity and all other settings). This problem began with FW and, and Android App 2.0.6, is unresolved as of today, and I opened a Ticket for investigation on 17 November. This problem occurs about half the time, while other times there is no problem.

The two cameras are positioned to create a panorama view where they have a common view of a door/window. A motion alert at this door/window always triggers an alert for each camera simultaneously. When all works well I get two alert events and two individual videos, one from Camera 1 and one from Camera 2.

But half the time, this happens: there are two separate alert events, one for each camera (that’s expected), but when I play the two videos, each of theses alert events plays the same video from only one of the cameras (Camera 1). If I rename the two cameras and restart the App, I still have the two alert events (now the new camera names are applied), but when I play each alert video, I now receive the video from the other camera (Camera 2), and only this camera’s video. Then, when I rename the cameras back to their prior names and restart the App, the two alert events now play only the video from Camera 1.

I know the cloud contains both videos because my camera renaming scheme revealed that. But the App plays one video for two separate alerts that were generated from two cameras. I suspect that simultaneous alerts from two (or more?) cameras triggers a flaw in the App where it points to a single video for multiple cameras.

Has anyone else experienced this?

First post here… hope I can be of some usefulness. :slightly_smiling_face:

Installed Pan Firmware version last evening… and the Motion Tracking is not working as it was in the previous version.

The camera overshoots past the object… then overcompensates back in the other direction. Very chaotic movement… and is hard to follow the movement in Live Stream or on video.

Hi, this is an app issue instead of f/w issue. We had a bug to show a same video if two alerts happened at a same time. You will always get to see the first video you viewed. The issue was fixed in V2.0.14. If you can check again that would be great. Thanks!

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Thanks for looking into this, Tao. The circumstances that give rise to simultaneous alerts on two cameras are likely to appear in the next day or two. I will try some tests and respond when I know more.

Tao, today I forced a test that created simultaneous alerts on two cameras that share a common view. The forced alert had a door that was opened, which is in the camera view of both cameras. This time, I received two 12 second videos, one from each unique camera view. So, far, so good. But one of the alert videos started 18 seconds after the initial event that caused the same motion trigger. That’s not necessarily bad, but I expected both 12 second videos to start at the same clock time.


Thank you, Jerry! The videos are not supposed to be 18 seconds apart. I can think of three possibilities:

  1. Another video happened 5 minutes ago which caused the cooldown time. If you intentionally triggered the event, this is unlikely the case.
  2. One camera has a sensitivity or trigger zone threshold which caused it triggered earlier or later. You can check the settings of the camera to see if there is a difference.
  3. It is a bug in our code. :grinning:

One thing you can check is to look at the SD card video of the two cameras and see why they are triggered at a different time. Have fun with the puzzle! :grinning:

Tao, these are all V1 cameras with identical settings. The two cameras with the alert videos 18 seconds apart do not use an SD card yet, but will soon when I get cards. The same circumstance occurred again today with a 16 second delay on the start of one of the videos. No other alert occurred for several hours prior. Perhaps a bug? Jerry

Hello, Looks like the v1: firmware has been rolled out to all. Both my V1 cameras got it yesterday and since then have had very poor wifi connectivity. Can this firmware be rolled back to the previous version?
Have not seen the new firmware rollout to V2 or pan, so no issues there.
Please help!

What are the connectivity issues? Can you send us an app feedback via ‘Report an Issue’ in V2.0 app and make sure you select the specific v1 camera? You can roll back to previous versions but we would rather find the problem to make sure all customers don’t have the same issue.

The link to rollback is We would really appreciate your help on collecting the info. Thanks!