Firmware Update - Should I Do It?

I have a Wyze Cam v.2 .

Firmware version: v.

Firmware upgrade option: v.

I turn on the camera before leaving home. Usually, my phone receives an alert if, for example, the cat wakes up and walks through the room.

Recently, I noticed on a couple of occasions that the alerts only came through about two or three hours after the event. It’s possible that I was in a poor reception area which explains why the phone didn’t receive alerts until later, but it’s unlikely that I would continue to be in poor reception for that long. Maybe I can set up a test by having someone move about the room at specific times while I’m out and about.

Anyway, I’ve read a number of complaints about Wyze cameras failing to record events or failing to send alerts, some of which seem to be tied to software/firmware updates.

So, I’m wondering about the firmware update to v. that keeps popping up every time I open the Wyze app on my phone. Will it make an improvement? Or, will it cause problems like others have been posting about?

I found I needed to upgrade my new V2 in order to get the SD card formatted and working properly.

The updates provided are a culmination of trial and error events that are meant to improve the product… They are not always successful. I have the most recent firmware installed and will attest to the fact that my cameras seem to be functioning better


Thanks for your reply. On my SD card (actually, i think it’s a micro-SDXC 16GB card) there hasn’t been a problem. Basic record setting for the camera is to record when there is motion (with default sensitivity setting), Recording when there is sound is turned off. Events seem to be recorded OK, producing 12-second video clips which are uploaded to the Wyze servers, not recorded on the micro-SDXC card. It’s just that i may not receive an alert right away. Lately, alerts have been delayed on two occasions when i was out and about running errands.

After noticing the delayed arrival of alerts i’ve begun invoking the Record button when i leave the house. This is where “local” recording takes place, i.e. on the micro-SDXC card. It still records only if there is motion, and it records continuously until after motion ceases so we can call it quasi-continuous recording i suppose. So, the SDXC card seems to work without any problem.

May i enquire in what way are your cameras functioning better after the firmware update? What is it that improved?

Are your cameras basic Wyze v.2 like mine, or a different model?

If they are basic Wyze v.2, which firmware are you now running?

For Wyze, the way it works is, after the 12 sec clip is uploaded to the server, then you get a notification. It has always been that way, there is a good 12-15 sec delay for notifications, and could be longer if you enabled person detection, since that takes time to compute.

If after that time you are not getting notifications, then your phone could be in power savings mode, and depending on the phone, that could be throttled by X mins. at a time.

Cameras stay on instead of dropping connection

Contact sensors and motion sensors are being recognized

All cameras and sensors are Wyze cams are V2
Firmware for cameras is

When you press RECORD I believe it creates a video in your album. I think local recordings come in two forms: videos manually saved in the album and events that appear in the playback timeline. I assume both are on the SD card, just in different files/locations.

If your problems are recent it might just have been

I had a brief offline connection this evening but all is back up now.

I have six V2 cams, all running firmware No issues to report, all cams are running fine, incl. person detection, recording to and playing back from micro SD card, etc.

Edit: using the app on an iPad Pro 9.7" (vintage 2016) by the way

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Wyze Cam v.2
Firmware upgrade:

Upgraded one V2 to .156 from.111. Live feed works. No 12 second clip available, only a camera icon. Downgraded to .111 and camera is back to normal. Using a TS-510 Samsung tablet.

Have other cameras that are on .111 and they all work fine. What is the issue with .156?


I said it before and will again… Wyze is pushing out updates and changes that affect our devices… Why the H*&$ don’t they admit that so at least we don’t end up trying a hundred different things to get them working again…

Thanks, much appreciated.

Thanks for the information. Now, I suspect my lack of notifications on some occasions might be caused by my phone going to sleep / low power mode. Or, maybe I’m just out of range of a cellphone tower when the phone’s in the pocket of my jacket along with my hand or other items while walking in an area of many buildings and trees.

re: (July 28, 2020)
Came in here to ask the same question, but did a search on the FW number first and realized… not! Was worried the “update” would delete “person” notifications to force buying the CMC “plan” which supports it. While that doesn’t seem (seem) to be the case, there are plenty of other issues popping up I am not interested in, given that my V2’s work just fine at the moment.