Firmware Update Required

So when I load the camera, it works but a window pops out in front that states. “firmware update required”

However, the Camera under the updates says " Up to date " If I try to update it’ll crash the camera again.

This doesn’t happen on my other camera. I had to manually update after the software update failed and crashed the camera. Update is Cam v2

Try clearing the app cache in account > app settings.

No dice

What actual version of the app are you using and on what kind and type of device? And can you explain what “crash the camera” means? what errors you see or behavior of the camera and/or app?

Wyze v.2.32.0 (154) app
Wyze cam V2

“crash the camera” meaning it no longer operates, and is not accessible by app at all.
All the infrared lights are on, and it just seems frozen in general.

No errors, it just bricks the cam untill I reset it again with an SD card with firmware on it.
The Firware version is ( the app confirms this is the latest update )