Firmware update for Wyzeplug

I lost THREE new Wyzeplugs by attempting a firmware update immediately after installation. After I telephone-contacted support, I was told there was a problem with the update. I’m of the opinion this should have been made widely available, however I lost two plugs before I could get anyone to pay attention. It took a telephone call to find out. I have avoided the updates for the plug since. So… as I’ve seen in the movies “Is it safe?”

There is currently a beta test going on with new firmware so I would recommend waiting for now until that one is released and then maybe waiting a week or 2 after it comes out in case there is an issue.

Been a L-O-N-G time coming! I’ll take nothing for granted.

sometimes you dont have an option to wait. They FORCE you to upgrade. I just tried to set a schedule on one of mine that has very old firmware and has been working fine. Nope cant set a schedule at all without a manditory firmware upgrade. Which sucks thats like forcing someone with a model T to add a Catalytic converter.