Firmware downloads from library

For V1, V2 and Pan Cameras, please make a small library of the .zip files of their respective firmware for downloading. If the current F/W version and the prior version were available for download, a re-flashing to the camera to correct problems would be quick and simple.

See this:

…and the “here” links on that page.

Where are the firmware downloads?

See this:

Why is there no RTSP firmware listed?

Because it’s here:

Yes I found it , and I know its a beta feature, but why when I do a search on this site

using “RTSP firmware download” The download site for the firmware is no where to be found in the results found.

Using a Pc not phone , I just find looking for specific info on the site seems to be trying at times.

But you found the download link in the support site reference I provided above?

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Yes thanks I found it ,but it should come up in results when searching the forum

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The forum and the support articles are separate. A search on the forum won’t query the support articles, and vice versa. :slight_smile:


And for quick access to the support site, there’s a link at the top right of the forum. But I understand that it’s not showing on certain browser/theme settings. So here’s a direct link for you:

(repeating the one Dread embedded above)