Firestick keeps booting me off of live feed?

Just hooked up a wyze cam to the latest 4k firestick, and it works perfectly most of the time. Occasionally though, I’ll look back at the tv to find that it’s been booted back out to the home screen. Has anyone else experienced this? It seems to happen at random intervals, between 90 mins to as much as 5 hours apart. We really need it to be on at all times. Thanks!

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So I have a ton of Alexa devices that I call my Wyze cameras up on. I do not need to view them at all times, but I do have a few routines that call up the camera that leaves them streaming for hours, and then at some point they do time out, or… When the Alexa device has another command or routine that runs, Alexa will shut the camera off or put it into PIP.

I have noticed as well that timeouts have no rhyme or reason other than additional commands and or buffering or slowness in the network.

I was thinking you could create a routine that repeated a custom command to show the camera every hour, which would call the camera up within your least timeout interval, but repeat is limited to daily and on a specific time.

There are probably some other creative ways to achieve a command to call up the “Show Me command” Like @SlabSlayer has done with Wyze plugs and Wyze Routines. I’ve been a bit under the weather so creativity braining is a bit tough ATM. Maybe @SlabSlayer might have a suggestion to trigger.


Thanks for the tag in @R.Good!

I do use FireStick to stream my cams, but only to spot check them. I do not stream long term so I can’t really tell you what happens when it is streamed constant like that. It probably drops out because it looses signal at some point or Alexa needs to reestablish credentials… No idea, just speculating.

But… As @R.Good mentioned, I love to use Wyze Plugs as trigger points because they are so easily used for timing triggers and they cross ecosystems easily.

There isn’t a way to schedule a routine in Alexa to call up the cam stream on your fire TV more than once a day. You yould need to build multiple routines for each time of day you wanted it called up.

But, since Wyze Plugs can be manipulated with Wyze Rules to time in very short periods, and they are excellent Alexa Triggers, they are great for “Relays” between the Rules and Routines of each ecosystem. I don’t have anything plugged into them, they are just plugged into the power strip. Think of them as a “Smart Button” you don’t have to press.

As an example, I built the following:

Wyze Device Trigger Rule:
Trigger - When Wyze Plug “A” is Off for 2 Minutes
Action - Turn Wyze Plug “A” On for 1 Minute

This constantly turns on the plug for a minute, off for two, on for one…etc. your time off will vary depending on how long you experience the FireStick holding the stream. The 1 minute on for the plug is the minimum and that’s all you need.

I then built an Alexa Routine:
When: Wyze Plug A Turns On
Action: [Custom Command]: “show me the back door cam”
From: Fire TV (“where” Alexa responds: which device).

What happened?

I turned on the plug manually in the Wyze app and my Fire TV, which was watching a show, immediately stopped the show, said “OK” and started streaming the live image from my back door cam. I then turned off the plug manually in the app (to start the rule timer running) and waited while watching the stream from my back door cam.

After 2 minutes, my plug clicked on and Alexa announced “OK” and reloaded the stream fresh. After a minute, my plug clicked off. After another 2: wash, rinse, repeat.

No matter what I was watching on the FireStick, Alexa redirected to the live stream every time and loaded a fresh stream.

All you need to determine is how long can the plug be off before it needs to go back on?

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much, this was a massive help!! you and @R.Good are the bomb!


You are so welcome! :hugs: Sometimes you have to be creative :bulb: and think outside of the app when the Smart devices aren’t smart enough to do what the Smart people using them need them to do! Sometimes the simplest little things just aren’t available in these ecosystems for some reason.

Keep on coming back and browse around. The #tips-and-tricks category is full of smart people ideas!

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Awwww shucks :blush:.

Happy we could be of assistance!

Thanks for the tag team @SlabSlayer :raised_hand:

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