Finally a light bulb to surpass philips hue

Wyze light bulb found in wyze’s Q&A video.


GOOD EYE!!! I just have to pry now :slight_smile: @WyzeGwendolyn have you heard anything on this?


Who, me?



Smart bulbs are not nearly as effective as smart light switches. With a bulb, the switch has to be on all the time. If someone happens to turn the switch off, you can no longer control the bulb. If you don’t have your smartphone, you can no longer control your bulb.

Smart bulbs can sometimes be useful in lamps but in most situations, a switch is much better.

Please make a smart light switch instead!


Smart bulb has the advantage in that it can be used for outlets that are not connected to switches. Essentially any outlet can become smart with a smart bulb, but not all outlets can become smart with a smart switch.


I hope they come out with IR versions of light bulb. I use many BR30 950nm outdoor bulbs with the Wyze Pan and they work great but cost a fortune.


You’re right, I prefer switches too, but I have the knowledge and ability to replace them safely. Many people are not comfortable messing with their wiring and don’t have the money to hire someone to do it, so this is probably a good fit for many people. My only concern is that bulbs come in various shapes and various ends of the light spectrum for a reason, so unless they come out with several different variants, they are going to limit their buyer pool a bit.

So what’s the voltage on these? 110v - 230v? As only knowing that can be used anyway in the world, will then be comfortable investing in buying more of them.

Some switches around my house doesn’t have any neutral wire, which is weird. The kitchen and only one of the bedrooms has a neutral wire. So, yes a smart bulb would be awesome.

Curious about the Lifx infrared bulbs. The switch doesn’t need to be on, in order for the camera to see the infrared bulbs at night, right? I have the wyze v2 looking out the window with 2 sealed lights with a19 bulbs beside the front gate. There is a tiny bit of light on my street, but past 10 at night, you could barely make out what’s on my front yard

The switch needs to be on to supply power to the bulb to emit ir light.

The marketplace is saturated with smart bulbs. I’d put my time into creating an adapter if I were you. It’s easier to buy a $2 bulb and connect it to an adapter and make it a smart bulb then just to buy a smart bulb.

Easy solution… take the ugly light switches off your wall :wink:

But in 4 years you just paid ar least 8 dollars for 4 regular bulbs and my Wyze bulb still has another 15 years to go…

And when your wifi goes down, you won’t even see the wall because you can’t turn your lights on. :wink: