Smart Switch/Cover For Smart Light Bulbs

Would be nice to see a smart switch that works with Wyze bulbs and as a bonus other smart light solutions. It would also have to work on top of the current light switch to keep people from cutting power. Like this product that only works with Philips Hue:

I would be interested in a smart light switch cover that would somehow snap onto your existing light switch. I have attached an image of the switchmate version of this product. I am not sure if switchmates version has the option to manually turn the light switch on and off with the snap over but that would be something that would be nice. I noticed that on a different wishlist topic, it said a smart switch which I took as something that would be replacing your previous light switch, I am proposing a product that snaps over your existing light switch.

Switchmate’s website:


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Simple On / off switch for your Wyze lighting, Has a small dimmer rocker, to adjust dimming.

Basically … Take a Wyze v2 sensor, and make it look like a Lutron Maestro 120.

Now the software -
A small / fast-loading / dedicated, Wyze “Lights” app.

Designed as a master lights control panel. Quickly turn your light groups on/off in a simple panel layout with large buttons.

In setup mode - make it dedicated to solving lighting.

  • quickly group lights
  • quickly create two rules for lights to door sensors
  • quickly create two rules for scheduling sunset mode
  • quickly create two rules for wake-up, away and bathroom-nightlight modes.

How about a simple switch cover like these (cheap and effective):

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Thanks for sharing! I am looking for something that connects to my phone so I can remotely flip the switch.

But if you have smart bulbs, why do you need the switch? For that matter, why not just get a smart switch from one of the other vendors like Kasa?

I have lighting fixtures that are unfortunately not compatible with Wyze bulb.

I will check out Kasa.

To offer a simple way for visitors to have some degree of control over the lights. I wouldn’t expect a smart switch to offer every feature the app has, but on-off and dimming would be nice.

I can see that as a need. My spouse doesn’t like the Wyze Bulbs since they don’t respond quickly enough when you turn power on and sometimes they fail to connect to the servers and so go into setup mode. I’ve started using some z-wave switches instead for switched fixtures and have given up on non-switched floor and table lamps for now. Just using standard LED bulbs and not smart bulbs for now.

Also, if you’re sticking with the Wyze environment, the new switches do what is asked. They go into some sort of control mode and don’t actually turn off the power to the fixture but control any Wyze smart bulb installed instead.

Only on and off though. If they also had dimming control I would be much more interested.

Understood. I believe there is a wish list item to do dimming, again, not yet. :frowning_face:

You should create a snap-on smart switch.

I tried purchasing this one: Mechanically, it works great, but their app was horrible (never got to make it work) so I returned it.

It is a great solution for people who rent and don’t want to change any wiring.

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