Smart switch for Wyze lights

Any ideas for a product that will work with the Wyze Bulbs similar to how the Lifx Smart Switch works with their lights?

I believe Wyze is working on a Smart Switch, which will work with regular lights in your house.

With that said, since you are asking about use with Wyze Bulbs, @Ken.S provided the following in another topic area. Basically modify a contact sensor and attach to a switch. No external power needed. Then you set a rule to say, when no contact, turn lights on. When Contact is made, turn lights off. If you are inclined to modify a contact sensor.

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Can you be more specific about your request? I can’t find anything on the Lifx switch to determine what it does, exactly.

Just found the switches online for Australia. So, you just want a wifi enabled light switch? You don’t need anything like that for the Wyze products, but several companies make such things. Most have their own software to control them or work with hubs like SmartThings or Hubitat.