Smart switch connected to smart bulb

I have a closet light switch that powers a light in the closet as well as the only outlet in our attic. The attic outlet is connected to the closet light, not back to the switch. I would like the outlet in the attic to always have power. I don’t want it to get turned off when the switch is turned off. I still want to be able to control the closet light with a switch. I don’t want to have to use my phone.

To do this, I was thinking I could replace the closet light bulb with a smart light bulb (any recommendations?) and I was hoping I could replace the switch with a smart switch that would always pass power on to the light bulb so that the attic outlet stays powered, but which would control the smart bulb.

Does that make sense? Is that possible? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I am new to all of this!

Welcome to the forum @ajbiehl18!

I think I understand your request. Sounds like if you use the Wyze Smart Switch With a Wyze Light Bulb, Color or White, you could achieve this.

The switch and bulb require constant power to operate. If you put the Wyze Switch in Smart mode and associate it to a Wyze bulb, The on/off switch only controls the bulb and does not remove power from the light fixture.

That is exactly what I was hoping for!! Thank you so much for the response.

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