Figuring out outdoor cams and bases

I may be being a bit dense here, but. . . .

what is the bit with base stations and the outdoor cameras?

It seems that there are white “add on” cameras, and camo cameras (which come with white base stations?)

Or am I missing something here?

We need about four outdoor cameras around the house. We will also have the home monitoring system base in the house.

Do I need one camo and three white ones? Or might the other cameras be out of range of. the base camera, forcing me to use multiple camo? Or?

The FAQ and whathaveyou still refer to V2, not V3, so I’m skeptical about how up to date they are,.

Let me see if I can address some of the comments for ya:

The camo versions are just a wrap sticker that’s included in with a starter kit, which includes the base and a white WCO. There are also add on cameras like you stated, and those are only the white WCO, no base.

Do you by chance have power at the camera locations where you want to have the WCOs? Have you looked into the v3 at all? What’s your use case for the wco over the other cameras? I would suggest the wco only if there is no possible way to get power to a location or the need for the PIR detection system is needed over the pixel based detection system of the other cameras.

The coloring of the camera is up to you, based on your need of concealment, but like I said the camo is just a sticker placed on the white WCO. Multiple bases should be looked into if you have signal issues with the camera locations. Say if a central base can’t reach all your cameras, you may need a front of house base, and a back of house base, etc.

What support article are you looking at? Maybe I can get some fresh eyes on it to get it updated if it needs it. Thanks!

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no power available, and it would be truly awkward to run it to those points at my Mother in Law’s house (the least visible options would involve drilling through stucco walls . . .we’ll be hanging from the far edge of the roof over the porch I believe).

I never would have guessed from the product description page that the camo was a sticker and not the plastic!

I initially had V3s ordered, having missed that they needed power. I had to cancel that order.

the FAQ exclusively mentions v2, suggesting that it is way out of date.

we had internet installed last week just to handle security alerts on monitoring. We had to have a booster in the house to get a strong signal at the other ends where we’ll need two cameras. (the wireless unit is only about 3 inches tall, and certainly isn’t N. If it came to it, I suppose I could just plug a router in for the distance, but that’s one more device to go wrong hundreds of miles away . . .)

Just due to this I’d think about multiple base stations, placed close to the camera locations. Stucco and exterior walls like this cause wifi signal to degrade.

Note that the WCOs don’t talk directly to your home wifi network, they connect thru whatever base station they are connected to. The base station acts as a wco specific extender or access point of sorts. The base station connects to your network either by wifi or Ethernet cable.

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are these the same base stations as come with the home monitoring system? There will be (at least) one of those, too.

The HMS has the Wyze Sense Hub as part of that group of hardware. The Sense Hub is different than the WCO Base Station.