FedEx Shipping

I don’t know about others, but FedEx, a once stellar delivery company, now isn’t. For thirty years they have known where I am. My address hasn’t changed. This past year they have a “delivery exception” and cant find me. I have made five purchases from Wyze. All of them have been problem deliveries.

It’s just a package. UPS and USPS have no problems.

Can’t order from companies that ship via FedEx any more.


Welcome to the forums! Have you reached out to FedEx to figure out why they started making your address an “exception” and can find you now for some reason?

Thank you. This has been going on for a year.

Specific to this last shipment, delivery was to have been on the 17th. Contacted the 18th, 19th, and today, the 21st. No delivery.

Additionally, I have the cellphone numbers for the top four FedEx executives at the Norcross, Georgia distribution facility. Called them as well, all four of them. No response.

It’s a simple package. To be delivered to address they have made multiple deliveries to for three decades. They cannot make a simple delivery?

I have complained to Waze previously. The incompetency of FedEx reflects on Waze. No?


Welcome @djm5x9!

I would suggest contacting FedEx support about this as @Omgitstony suggested.
Once Wyze ships out the package, FedEx is responsible for getting it to you and Wyze has no control over it. I have sometimes experienced slower shipping with FedEx in general, not just with Wyze.

Thanks for providing this forum user community the information about your experience.

Sounds like FedEx made some change, new mapping software, new driver, new procedures, something that started this issue last year when your address disappeared, even though you made no change on your end. I am not in shipping logistics or work for FedEx for my real job so I can’t answer why this “simple delivery” (that was not an issue for 3 decades as you say) is escaped by them. Fedex can or should be able help you with that.

If you were looking for resolution to this issue, I’d strongly suggest contacting fedex and working your way up the chain of command with them. Sounds like you have started that process, or are atleast familiar with the leadership at that location.


Actually, FedEx made absolutely no change with mapping. And, if USPS, UPS, GrubHub, Uber, or anyone else I share my address with can find my home, and FedEx can’t, its a competency issue. Especially when you struggle with calling FedEx for three days and company wide, including the top four FedEx executives can’t resolve a simple delivery issue.

Please . . . Do not suggest this delivery issue is anything other than what it is. Incompetency.

Regrettably, it looks like my Wyze relationship is subservient to their relationship with FedEx.

Wyze, you are a good company. Take note.

I have given up on FedEx. To quote their old ads - “IFit has to be absolutely positively there over night DONT USE FEDEX”. In fact if it has to get there at predictable time don’t use FedEx. They are consistently later rhan what they promise by 2-5 days.