Feature requests....


I have a few feature requests…

  1. Can we please have the ability to watch notifications sorted by motion and sound by camera, or both cameras/motion?
  2. Is it possible to have sounds and levels recognized for adjustment? I have an annoying neighbor who walks/stomps around at times, and I'd like to be able to ignore those steps, but record anything else.
  3. I wish switching from normal to infrared was silent.
  4. When I receive notifications of motion, can a still of what the motion is be sent to me as well? (So if I see SOMEONE I know it's urgent, if I see my dog, it's not so)
I love my cameras, thank you!


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RE #3, a mechanical filter has to be moved to enter/leave night mode, so silent switching is just not in the cards.

I’ll pass along the other requests to the keeper of the list. #4 four is a common request, so hopefully that will get some priority.

I think I should have been a little clearer about one issue. I’d like the audio that is common, such as the steps from upstairs to be measured and be offered a new setting based upon what the camera hears so I can set the alerts to JUST ABOVE the common sound level. So you analyze and compare audio levels for the noise that sets off the notification and suggests a better setting.


Understand? Not unlike what you’d want motion to do if you have dogs. I’d like the auto setting to allow my dogs to not set off the notification.

Additional feature requests:

!: Face Recognition…-> to IFTTT unlock a door or some other action.

2: Widget/Button to cam or group of cams!


ActionTiles support to integrate into home auto dashboards.

Are you guys already building a 360 dash cam yet?

I like the numbe 4 idea that might be helpful!

See this:

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