Feature Request - Alert/Camera Sequencing

Hey guys! This one is a little out there but may prove useful- is there any chance we could allow the cameras to influence each others behavior?

Example cases:

  • V1 front door camera notification, Pan cam in living room cancels existing protocol to swivel and follow any motion.
  • Pan cam detects motion in 3AM garage entry, activates V2 nightvision in camera (past V2 notification time range) in hallway, video capture and upload extended to 30 seconds instead of normal 15.
Hope that makes some sense, the basic idea is that you can let the user create some if/then statements that override "the norm". If it was fully utilized you could save a lot of bandwidth..

There is a simpler request being tracked by Wyze: one camera detects motion causes all cameras to record. The interface for what you describe would necessarily be very complex so I’m not sure how feasible it is, but I’ll add your vote for it to the tracker.