Feature Request

Can you allow us to set up multiple ranges for alerts? I would like to set up a time range for when I’m at work, turn them off when I get home, and then turn them back on while I’m sleeping.



Can I schedule when I want to receive alert videos?

Turn all day off first

To change your alert schedule, go to Live Stream tab on the Wyze app and click into the camera you want to change. Click the settings gear and click on “Alert Settings.” You can select your desired start time and end time and you will only receive alerts within that time frame. An important thing to keep in mind: when your Wyze Cam isn’t scheduled to send alerts, it will not record motion alert videos either. No alerts are sent, and nothing is uploaded to the cloud.

Edit: Oops missed last part “turn them back on while I’m sleeping”


Thank you, that was in the manual. What I’m asking for is the ability to set up alerts from 7am to 3pm and then from 10pm to 4am and then maybe a separate schedule for Sat and Sun.



When viewing events it is very difficult to start at the beginning of an event. When in the “no video” space before an event there needs to be a way to snap to the next event.

Also, it would be nice if the speed could be increased to show the video faster. One could replay slower if needed.