Feature request – WLAN server instead of memory card

For security, the built=in memory card is a bad idea.

A thief can just take the camera, and you’ve got nothing but 12 seconds.

Please, let the camera record on the WLAN to a static IP address, to be designated in the Wyze app, and let us configure a simple server to catch and store the images.

Wyze could add to their product line – a simple Raspberry Pi, complete with memory card loaded with the appropriate software, plus maybe off-the-shelf external USB storage,

Let the Wyze app access it just like it does Playback from the built-in memory card.

And this opens so many more avenues …

Please add RTSP. Then you can easily send the video files anywhere you want. Like a USB drive attached to a hidden WIFI extender that would be hard for a thief to find. But I would still like the WYZE app to work with RTSP enabled.