Save video to server

I have a few Wyze cameras and while I like the price and image, I would like to be able to setup the camera to ftp captured images to a local ftp server. I have done this with other cameras and it works great. I am hoping this functionality will be added to the wyze cam and wyze pan cam.

I want to use these cameras to monitor my house while I am away. And should someone break in and steal or damage my cameras I would like to know that I have safely captured and stored offsite the images of anyone breaking into my house.

Today I have other cameras which I’d like to replace with wyze cams, which immediately ftp images to a local ftp server, hidden out of view, which then also transfers those videos offsite.

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Search the wishlist & roadmap - there are several similar “save off camera” solutions being proposed, SMB, NAS, RTSP, and the for now defunct Max Drive.