Feature request - still image notification

Some of my cams get a lot of motion like bugs or moving trees, even crows flying overhead and triggers with the shadow moving across the ground.

It would be super if the push notification made a still image of the triggered motion event and then I could optionally play the video clip. This would save a lot of time… Well actually I just don’t even have time to playback all the events I get.


Dear Wyze, PLEASE add this so that your mobile app will be at the same level as Nest, Arlo, Logitech, Canary, Ivideon, etc. this is a must have feature that will save a lot of time for your users so that we dont have to actually watch every alert when it comes in.

both Android and iOS support this and should be pretty easy to implement.

great examples:

Arlo Pro 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZ48YOLaa7s

Logi Circle 2: http://support.logitech.com/en_us/article/Push-notification-on-the-Logi-Circle-camera


please please please!!

Would like to be able to cast the Wyze App from my mobile phone to my TV using Google Chomecast.

This is perhaps the most important feature request I can think of. I put it ahead of a web interface.

To review notifications, I would like to see a four-up set of images showing 4 sample still frames which are MOST LIKELY the thing that triggered the event. I would imagine that with 4 still frames taken out of the 12-second video, I could eliminate 99% of my false positives within 1 second.

As a secondary extension to this, I would like to optionally store only the 4-up still frames on the cloud and leave the video on the SD-card. (Of course, this option would only be available when SD-card is installed). Then it would make sense to allow me to configure the frequency with this a motion alert is stored to the cloud. Maybe every 30 seconds, instead of every 5 minutes (user configurable). Of course, if I want to see the video for a given alert, the app should access the appropriate segment on the SD-card based on the time stamp associated with the 4-up frame.



is there a problem with camera integration and push notifications? I have a fixed camera that the notifications work great on my campan camera the notifications don’t work at all.

Turn up the sensitivity on the Pan. I run my V2 cameras around 15 to 20 and need to run the Pans around 80 to 90.