Feature request - playback skip to next capture

When playing back captured footage, it would be nice if the app would just skip to the next captured section, versus having to scroll through hours of dead air. Thanks!


To clarify, you are talking about playback from the mSD card that has recorded in Event Only mode? When I do this in the iOS app, it does jump from the end of one recorded segment to the beginning of the next without intervention. However, it doesn’t if you start the process in between recorded segments.

Yes, to confirm, I’m playing back from the microSD card. Yes, event-only recording. My timeline shows dark segments for when motion was detected and video recorded, but I have to scrub the playhead to each segment. When one recording ends, the video stops and does nothing until I manually drag it to another location in the timeline where motion was detected.

I am running the most recent firmware on 2x V2 and and a Pan, and the latest iOS app version available non-beta.


What version of the app on what device?

I am running the most recent firmware on 2x V2 and and a Pan, and the latest iOS app version available non-beta.


Pan firmware

V2 firmware

iOS app version 1.3.152

I don’t recall if this was something that changed in beta. Current beta app is 1.4.x. So you may want to join the beta and give that a try. See the beta section of the forum for more info.

Yes there should be skip forward or skip back in viewing SD recorded video to motion capture points. Or if you have memory card you should get the option to extend notification recordings up into minutes. Still just uploading 12 second in cloud but allowing card users to see extended notification from SD card. It is just hard to see whole situation in 12 second snipits some times and yes very frustrating trying to slide timings to notification time to see longer video of situation.

I switched yesterday from continuous SD to events only HD and have been playing around with finding events. It would be really neat, if on the notification there was an option to goto that point on the SD card playback. No more hunting to see what happened before or after an event. Just click and you’re at the playback point.

You might want to hop over the topic below and vote for it. (You must click the VOTE button for your vote to count.)

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