Feature request: Notifications alert mapped to account

Currently, the Notifications alert videos are mapped to the device itself. If the device is reconfigured to use another Wyze account, I would lose access to the previous videos.
This is not ideal as I am using the Wyze camera as a security camera. If someone stole the camera, and reconfigured it, I am unable to view the video to see who the thief is.
I would like the Notifications alert videos to be mapped to the my Wyze account, instead of the device.

Also, it would be better if I can increase the length of the alert videos.

I believe the alert videos in the cloud are tied to the account, not the device. Therefore, the device being offline or reconfigured does not affect your ability to view the videos. Any video stored on the mSD card would, of course, be lost with the camera if it were stolen.

The length of the videos and the 5 minute minimum interval between them is a tradeoff for the cloud storage being provided for free. Most other cameras charge for cloud storage of any kind. I’m not aware if Wyze plans on offering enhance cloud storage plans for a fee.

Actually, when my Wyzecam got mapped to another app (App B), all the alert videos for that particular camera disappeared from my app’s Notifications function (App A). When my account got “Shared” access to the camera in (App A), the alert videos appeared back in the Notifications function of (App A) again. That’s been my experience.