Access to alert alert videos if camera is off/stolen

One of the big draws for me for getting this camera was the access to video even if the camera gets stolen, as a possibility to actually identify the perps. So I sat it up, did some recording, let it do som notifications and alert recording of videos etc. Used the app, everything looks good. Then I pulled to power plug and tried to open the app and look for the alert videos. But everything seems to be gone? I.e. the notification tab is empty so I can’t access the notification videos anymore. Then how can I get at the cloud-stored videos if the camera is no longer there?

All my notification videos are still available when my camera is disconnected. I’d maybe suggest verifying you’re on the correct date. You can pick that at the top of the Notifications tab and can scroll that to see all 14 days.

Ok thanks, you seem to be right, Phew! First time I tried the App crashed and when i opened it again all the notifications where gone. But so that was probably a bug then. It works now.