Wyzecam is alerting me to an event but can't play it back, saying the video doesn't exist. What?

I just hooked up another Wyzecam (I have six after an armed break-in) and it will show the live feed, but I keep getting motion alerts and when I try to access the video, a window comes up saying the video doesn’t exist or it’s still downloading and try back another time. What the heck is THAT all about?! All the other cameras are working as they should and, frankly, if bad guys come back, I’d kind of like to be able to see that so that I can call the police again, instead of having to “try back another time”. I’ve also gotten a few motion alert video events that don’t have anything happening in them at all. Any help about the first camera described would be super appreciated!

What app version are you running? Is the app updated?
Have you tried forcing close of the app and opening it back up?
Not having issues with the newest beta version.

Just hooked up the cam 3 days ago and I was directed to update all cameras so I’m assuming everything is up to snuff in that regard. I’m not physically at the location where the cameras are so I can’t do anything manually.

Try power cycling that camera. If that doesn’t solve the issue, try a factory reset.

Also, are your using Cam Plus with any of your cameras?

Here’s my anecdotal experience:

I had/have multiple triggers around the home and property. Each sensor has an associated cam to capture the event, but each cam may have multiple sensors that can trigger it.

I ended up having events “missing” video, the reason in my case was the cam was busy capturing when a second trigger fired.

I can’t do a reset because I am not physically where the cameras are. I’m stuck with the Cam Plus stuff because when I was setting up the last camera, a window came up that gave me no choice but to take the two week introductory offer, which irritated me because I didn’t want it. Is that what’s causing the one camera to give me alerts but no video clip to go with it? Having to view the playback and use my darn finger to try and find whatever the alert was about is an exercise in futility because my finger doesn’t get me to where it needs to go, I just continually overshoot whatever it was that got recorded. As I’ve written this, I’ve gotten two alerts and each time I try to access it, the same stupid screen comes up" The video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded. Please try again later." Never had this happen with any of my other cameras in the last 2 years. This doesn’t help me protect my home AT ALL. If I were back to work, I would return all the Wyze cams and go with Arlo or something that doesn’t charge you a monthly fee yet provides actual working security camera capability. Right now I’m a really cranky Wyze camera owner :frowning:

Power cycling is definitely something worth trying if you can and it might just fix this issue! See if you can do it.
Also, try turning the camera off then on from the app.

This if for reviewing the footage on the SD card, not events. Events are saved to the cloud and are only 12 seconds long and have a 5 minute cool-down (gap) unless you pay for Cam Plus.
If you are using the SD card you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription for any cameras unless you want person detection. Did you put SD cards in any of your cameras? That will allow you to see more then just 12 seconds.

Was this applied to the problem camera?

Please go to account, then scroll to “help and feedback”, then “submit a log” and follow the prompts and fill in the information. Make sure to note the log number (in blue) and post it here.