Fan/system continues to run when thermostat is set to off

I have been a huge Wyze fan for a while so I recently took the plunge and installed a thermostat. It has its quirks that I’ve been living with—but the most recent is making me crazy. We’ve had mild weather so I turned my system OFF. Not down, OFF. Yet the fan and system has continued to run for 24 hours now. What is the issue here? I don’t know how to get the system off. The only work around is to turn it on and crank the settings way up—my holds never hold and the schedules leave a lot to be desired. If anyone can help me troubleshoot, I’d be grateful! My entire reason for getting the Wyze thermostat was to save money and consolidate my “systems.” I really want this to be successful! Thank you!!!

Show your wiring on the thermostat and furnace side.