Fan keeps running even the Mode is OFF (Thermostat)

Has anyone having this problem: Fan is always running following the Fan Cycle setting, even when in OFF mode, no matter whether I put the Fan in Auto, Cycle, or On (so putting the Fan ON doesn’t turn on the Fan). Since the minimum Fan Cycle setting is ‘5min/hr’, so the Fan just keeps running for 5 mins every hour no matter what. It looks like the Fan is stuck in ‘Cycle’ mode permanently. Everything else seems work fine. I have tried delete and re-add the device, still the same. Could it be I connected some wires incorrectly? Any ideas? Thank you!

Mod Note: Thermostat Added to Title

What brand of fan are you talking about?
Wyze doesn’t have a fan in product lineup

Sounds like the thermostat.

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I didn’t even think of that, I don’t have the thermostat.
It would be nice if the word thermostat was in the post somewhere


“Thermostat” has been added to the title. :+1: