Fake Screw for V2 Steel Bracket Support - 2

In the first version of this topic, I went through a lot of motions to create and attach a fake screw to the bottom of a steel V2 camera support. This was to misdirect others into assuming the camera was more sturdily attached than it really was. Of course, after I submitted this Tip, an easier way occurred to me. Why not just glue a screw itself to the support? To get the strongest bond between the screw and the support, the head of the screw should be flat - no embossed markings. If you don’t mind a weaker glue bond - use the screw as is. From a distance, this looks like a genuine nut on a bolt. The pictures below show the improved fake screw with a strongest bond.
FS 1-4
Victor Maletic

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Of course! Who could tell the difference looking up at a soffit?

Wow. Never in my life have I though of gluing something by holding it with a magnet. Makes perfect sense though - guess I don’t glue enough metal.

Also interesting with the drill press. It sure would give a nice perpendicular surface. Normally when I chuck bolts up, it’s to spin them into a wire wheel, etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Magnet is genius… Love it