Failed to update shortcut list (app error message)

1 bulb and 1 plug are usually controlled by rules that turn them on at dusk and off at 9:00 p.m.

This morning it was a little dark in the home and so I manually turned on one plug and one bulb. Now I can’t turn them off through the app. The app responds failed to update shortcut list.

I force closed the app and reopened it and when that didn’t work I rebooted the Wi-Fi network and that didn’t help either.

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I think there’s some AWS outage going down right now. A community chat about it going on right now here:


Now the app shortcuts are working so I can turn the camera on but then I get the infamous error code 90 but internet connectivity is fine so some other issue now

Wasted loads of time, rebooting. Uninstalling, force stopping, etc., etc.

Even went online to see if system was up and running.

Shudda come here 1st.

Half devices offline.
Some appear offline yet are running.

What a mess in the Northeast

Same thing here in S Illinois