Failed to download issues in the evenings since CMC released

Over the past couple weeks since they released CMC I am getting failed to download messages on event recordings. It is fine during the day but evenings starting at 6:00pm till about 9:00pm EDT I get many on all camera motion events that are stored in the cloud.
I have check my internet speed and latency all good.
This evening I have 13 motion recording that fail to download. They start at 6:39pm and up to now at 7:20pm.
I think they underestimated the extra volume and load on the cloud server with CMC volume.
Just another disappointment. I can’t trust this product or company any more. I hope they are not giving those who pay for the CMC priority access to the AWSs cloud … And leaving the crumbs for those who don’t…


Wyze just posted an update about this, a few minutes ago. They’re looking into it.


This issue is a recent one though and would not explain why it has happened the past few weeks.

When this issue is resolved, if you are still experiencing the issue I would put in a support ticket.

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Honestly, I was seeing similar behavior on my account yesterday. I assume it’s related. Probably just got particularly bad today, enough for them to get some complaints.

Could be, I haven’t noticed anything in the last few days and my most recent alert was 3 hours ago so I am able to see it

I’m NOT getting images for my icons for 45 minute old events, but when I tap the icon the clip comes up comes up for the CMC cam but NOT my non-CMC cams.
Fast ethernet, Samsung Tab A 128GB Android 9.
Events older than 45 minutes on all my cams do show icons and come up.

I’m told that the CMC videos use different resources and this is likely why they aren’t affected. The team is working on this now and we apologize for the trouble.

I’m not sure why you were running into that trouble before but I also recommend talking to the customer support team about it after the current delay is resolved.

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Last 2 evenings same time it has been 20 minutes delayed download of events. I have ticket in but I don’t expect to find anything on my side. I believe the server load or the backbone is seeing excessive traffic at this time period. You should have reporting available on the lag time for the past several weeks on your server response times and traffic.

I wonder if this has anything to do with them trying to sell extended cloud time. Maybe an intentional slow do to get us to switch over and pay.

@mack0729, we promise it’s not that (though I understand that you will likely take my words with a grain of salt).

@mrgadget, I’ll share your idea with the team.

This is happening to me also.

I have also seen this problem pop up a couple times in the last couple weeks , didn’t last very long though as I recall

I will share this with the team so we can look for opportunities for general improvement. Thanks for letting me know!

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I still see this problem happening pretty consistently. Is it resolved for sure?

When it happens it misses the notification of the event which makes any remote detection impossible.

@WyzeGwendolyn, is this solved for everyone at this time? I have been seeing this very consistently and progress on support ticket is very slow. Please help!

I’m sorry, I’m not of much use here. I’ll escalate this to the team again but otherwise I would recommend working with the support team as they’re more qualified than I am on this.

I have quite a few event clips on one camera with CMC and couple of times of a day I get the failed to download

I opted out paying for CMC until it is fixed. 90% of the videos failed to upload and the ones that do are only 17 sec and spread out over 3 or 4 videos. There needs to be a longer time interval of no movement. I can walk in front of the camera and stop for 1 sec and finish walking out of the cameras field of view and get two 17 sec videos.

Hey everyone, my name is Ashley and I’m a PM here at Wyze working on CMC. We are currently investigating upload/download issues with CMC videos. Can you please send in your logs to us when you have an issue and leave your ticket number here on the thread to help us track it down? Thanks in advance!


@AshleyD Just found this thread and have been working with Support since the beginning of January without resolution so far. One day my V2 camera just stopped recording to CMC and started recording 12 second clips with the standard 5 minute cool down. Support came back and thought the camera was faulty so they shipped me out a replacement. I re-enabled CMC on my account and assigned it to the brand new V2 camera and same results. I also have a Wyze 32GB SD card in the replacement camera and it refuses to continuously record to the SD Card with CMC enabled.

Here is the Support case # for the open case: 431800