Failed set up

the setup asks for a password for my wifi which I do not have one I put in the password that I use on this site and continue it goes though the setup but times out saying that the connection has failed any suggestions?

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First of all, what are you trying to set up? Cam? bulb? Plug? And the products can’t be setup on an open network, they need a locked network. The only thing you need your Wyze forum or app password for is just that, the forums or the app.

The team here can get more info to you when we know what it is your trying to setup.

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If you have an open WiFi network, I think you can just leave the password field blank and it should connect.

At one time it looks like that was a thing, but no more.

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Yeah. I’ve seen mixed reports on this, even since then, so I’m not sure what the current intended behavior is, to be honest.

For the OP - You currently HAVE to have a password protected wifi system.
I know of 2 work-arounds

  1. If you own the network set up a guest account for Wyze and password protect it
  2. Buy an inexpensive “travel router” and basically run a sub-net.
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