Failed Firmware Update

Cam Pan v.1 has had multiple update failures with the latest update. Updating from to One camera successfully updated but the second has failed repeatedly. Camera has been power cycled and reinstalled multiple times but the update continues to fail. At this point I am of the opinion I have a defective camera. The camera still functions normally but will not accept the firmware update. Any Cam Pan v.1 users experience this issue? Do you recommend a ticket for a defective camera? Thank you for any input.

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Hello @fmills1d

If you have an extra SD card, I would recommend trying to manually Flash the device with the latest firmware. If that fails then I would suggest contacting Support.

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Thank you for your response.

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Having almost identical issue except cannot get pan cam to connect. Will try flashing as suggested here and in the support section. Have two pan cams and several v1 cams. Just one panner acting badly.

And contact Support SOON.
I suspect when they start pushing the update WITHOUT ASKING there will be a LOT of failures.

Tried to update V2 same firmware failure today.


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soko42vv1 exact issue. 1 cam pan acting badly. Reconnecting is an exercise in frustration. It want scan the qr code and requires several attempts and restart. So far the flashing process from a microusb card has also failed. The camera want proceed to the required mode holding down the setup button. It resets and goes into reconnect mode and I’m back to the qr scan issue. I’ll give it a try over the weekend while I wait out the snow storm here in the northeast.