Face recognition

When is Cam Plus Face recognition going to be made available?

In beta right now, I think it needs some more improvement though as it barley has picked up any faces for me the last couple weeks

I am also a Beta tester and have had discussions with others. When I go to the AI area, I only see Person, Vehicle, and Package. I don’t see Face recognition or the others. Any idea why this would be?

I am experiencing the same thing on both iOS and Android.

Not a huge issue, but was curious as I would love to test it.

I have it under Services > Cam Plus

Yea, here is my CamPlus under services for a V3 Camera… Been trying to get the other AI options made available to me.

It was a separate sign up you had to approved for, its not for all cam plus subscribers. Only if you signed up that form you would have the new AI.

Ahhh… must have missed that. Do you know if I can still sign up?

No idea

No Problem…


No date has been announced on when it will be available yet.

I’m not entirely sure, but here’s the link if you’d like to try:

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