Face id to protect app

i have an iPhone X and was wondering if there was any type of way to secure the app when you tap on it. in case the app or phone falls into the wrong hands it would be good to have it verify you with face ID or with touch ID.

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Hello @islandsnow, sorry but this is not a feature that Wyze have added yet but you can vote for them to do so by going to the top of the page and clicking vote box using this link I posted for you.

I know for Android there are security apps that lock selected apps on your phone. I assume there must be something for Apple.

Hello @angus.black, iOS doesn’t officially have any apps that can be used to protect apps like Andriod has.

I suggest you lock your phone, so no one can access any of your apps if you lose it

It appears to be built in to iOS 12.

This article that you posted is not native support for app locking and is only a temporary work around using an exploit in screen time.

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Ah, ok.
I’m an Android user. Thought it may work.

I agree with Ssmaniac, lock the phone. :slight_smile:

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yeah simple cop out answer is to lock the phone. guess all my banking apps and other security system apps don’t heed that.

Ok, I’ll give you a direct answer to your original question.

No. Not at this time.