Explain your ‘handle’

Lots of people here with forum names that need clarifying.

Me, TomG is just my first name and the first letter of my last name.
On other forums I am known as FixIt. Was given that moniker years ago by a someone who was going through a divorce and her husband didn’t want her taking the car so he took the distributor out. The whole distributor, not just the cap. Fast forward and they are back together and need the car running. So am in their garage retiming the engine. When it started up they were both amazed. She said “well, aren’t you Mr. Fixit”.

So @carverofchoice are you a butcher or .

@AnnWithAPlan what is your plan?

@peepeep I have no idea…


Ha. The past week was to declutter and donate a bunch of stuff I dont need anymore (going out tomorrow). The current plan is keeping up with a quota of 5 knitted hats per day on my knitting machine until fall, for charity, and to sell.


K6CCC is my amateur radio callsign.


Oh yeah, that does spund like one. I almost got my license back in the 80’s, only cuz of my ex at the time. Don’t know if you still need to know morse code to get it or not.

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No code requirement any more for an amateur radio license.


Yeah! I’m running around slashing ignorance!

I have explained this a few times in other watercooler posts, but I like the idea of a dedicated thread for this!

Mine has multiple symbolism and is a play on alternating definitions of the words “carver” and “choice” to remind me of things that have become essential in my life.

  • My username is partially inspired by and reminds me of something I learned from Viktor Frankl. He taught me that I ALWAYS have a choice. Between any stimulus and response, there is ALWAYS CHOICE (this insight about “having a choice” between stimulus and response is extra meaningful to me because my BA was in Psychology and Sociology with a particular focus on Behaviorism…which doesn’t exactly believe in “choice” in a lot of ways). So, part of my username reminds me of that. Why that matters to me is that In the distant past, I used a lot of victimstancing & negative self-talk with thoughts like “I had no choice”, or “I have to”, or “I can’t”. These thoughts and phrases are not really accurate (at least not without qualifiers) and have hurt me in the past to be used as excuses to myself instead of taking responsibility. It doesn’t matter what someone else does; it doesn’t matter what happens to me; it doesn’t matter what the situation is…I always have a choice in what I will do, or how I will respond, even if that choice isn’t the most ideal nor absolutely preferred (again, when understood in the context of Frankl’s life and book if you’ve ever read it, this makes a lot more sense as this is one of his major points), it is still a choice among others and what I decided. This perspective changed my life to one of immense empowerment instead of victimstancing (as I’d previously struggled with many years ago).
  • “carver” has multiple meanings. Besides being my actual last name, It is one who carves. Carve can mean to shape, form, to decorate, design, make, create for oneself. So a “carver” can be one who creates, forms, designs, and makes things. In this case, a reminder that I “carve” my own choices. I shape, design, make and form my choices. while the final decision and act is the end of such a choice, part of it starts long before then…with the situations I put myself in, the habits I adopt, those people I associate with, my mindset, etc. Many things influence my choices, and thus I am ALWAYS shaping/designing, or “carving” my choices, both current and future choices. The law of compounding even little choices can, in the long run, end up being a huge positive investment and reward to my future self, or the other way around. Just look at someone who constantly nit-picks and compulsively complains about EVERYTHING, no matter how frivolous or trivial, and compare their happiness in life vs what it actually could be if they weren’t so overwhelmed with contention and inviting negativity to surround their entire worldview.
  • In the past I have also struggled with insecurities such as inadequacy, depression, lack of self-esteem, self-worth, etc. to a degree that almost destroyed everything in my life. So in this case, the word “choice” also has a definition that can be used to refer to something that is valued or of very good quality (often used related to good quality food, but is used for anything of good quality or value). It can remind me that I have worth and am valued (though I won’t get into all the symbolic ways I see this on a personal level). Also, that I can DO something about it. This has not been an issue for me for a long time, but it is a good critical reminder for me.
  • Combining multiple versions of the definitions and symbolic nature of the words (such as those I described above) have different meanings and are symbolic or act as a reminder to me or things that are helpful to me. I design/make my choices, I take ownership of my thoughts/choices, there is no “have to” nor “no-choice”, I remind myself of my self-worth to never go back to the dark days of my depression more than a decade ago., etc.

Basically, just a lot of symbolic wordplay on the word “carver” and “choice” in different variations as constant reminders and uplifting meaning to myself = since it’s my screenname I’m now always reminded about why I chose it and how I choose to live nowadays…empowered, positive, happy, helpful, uplifting, and many more things. That is what my screenname symbolizes and means and reminds me of every day that I am using it. :slight_smile:

But I’m totally good with it also meaning a butcher of ignorance! :rofl: j/k

I asked some AI’s what they think my screenname could symbolize and some of them got fairly close:

ChatGPT 3.5 guessed this (which is VERY CLOSE/ACCURATE):

The username “carverofchoice” could symbolize someone who possesses the ability or skill to shape or carve out their own path or destiny in life. It implies a sense of autonomy and agency in decision-making, suggesting that the person is capable of making choices and actively shaping their future. The term “carver” implies a deliberate and skilled approach to shaping or creating something, and “choice” suggests the individual’s inclination to exercise their freedom of choice. Overall, the username conveys a sense of empowerment and self-determination.

Google Bard guessed this:

The username “carverofchoice” could symbolize a number of things. It could be a reference to the art of carving, which is a process of creating something by cutting or shaping material. It could also be a reference to the power of choice, and the ability to create one’s own destiny. Additionally, the username could be a metaphor for the process of self-discovery, and the journey of finding one’s true self.

Here are some specific examples of what the username “carverofchoice” could symbolize:

  • Art: The art of carving is a centuries-old tradition that has been used to create beautiful and functional objects. Carvers use a variety of tools to shape wood, stone, and other materials into intricate designs. The username “carverofchoice” could be a reference to the skill and creativity required to carve, as well as the beauty and power of the finished products.
  • Power of choice: The ability to choose our own path in life is a powerful thing. It allows us to shape our own destiny and create the life we want. The username “carverofchoice” could be a reference to this power, and the importance of choosing our own path.
  • Self-discovery: The journey of self-discovery is a lifelong process. It involves exploring our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences in order to better understand ourselves. The username “carverofchoice” could be a metaphor for this journey, and the importance of carving out our own unique path in life.

Ultimately, the meaning of the username “carverofchoice” is up to the individual who chooses it. It can be a symbol of art, power, self-discovery, or anything else that is meaningful to the user.

Bing’s was funny because the 3rd guess it made was actually based on information it found in this Wyze forum post I made related to the Wyze Privacy Policy more than a year ago, so now Bing says the username Carverofchoice:

could mean that the user is concerned about privacy and tracking issues on the internet, and that they use the username carverofchoice as a way of expressing their desire to carve out their own choice of what information they share or not. This could be inspired by a forum post by a user with the same username who discussed these topics 3.


Bing AI's full guess is here:

That’s an interesting question. The username carverofchoice could symbolize different things depending on the context and the intention of the user. Here are some possible interpretations:

• It could mean that the user is a carver, which is a person who carves (= cuts) meat or wood 1, and that they have a choice of what or how to carve. This could imply that they are skilled, creative, or enjoy their hobby or profession.

• It could mean that the user is a fan of Raymond Carver, a famous American short story writer and poet, and that they consider him their writer of choice, meaning the one that they usually choose or prefer 2.

• It could mean that the user is concerned about privacy and tracking issues on the internet, and that they use the username carverofchoice as a way of expressing their desire to carve out their own choice of what information they share or not. This could be inspired by a forum post by a user with the same username who discussed these topics 3.

Of course, these are just some possible meanings, and the actual meaning of the username carverofchoice may be different or more personal to the user. The best way to find out is to ask them directly.blush

Overall, the AI’s didn’t do too bad of a guess (I love ChatGPT’s guess, and Bing’s kind of sucked), though they are missing some good context of what it symbolizes and means to me on a personal level. :slight_smile: Though it already means so many things to me, that I am sure it will come to have other meanings added to it as well. Butcher of Ignorance is starting to grow on me now that @TomG asked if I’m a butcher. :joy:


Came off the top of my head, but probably related to my original profile pic:


And it’s a little palindrome, which is fun. :slight_smile:


I got mine from one of those username generator websites


Long “i” or short?

(They were nice enough to ask me how mine was pronounced when I first arrived.)

(And how about the guitar?) :slight_smile:


My first name and first letter of my last name (just like TomG does). Tom, thanks for starting this thread. I find it interesting to read everyone’s response.



It’s a fender Stratocaster. Its been my dream guitar since I was a kid. David Gilmour , lead guitarist from Pink Floyd plays it.


Very insightful. Thanks.


Ah ok, thanks. I’m going to say something that’ll make you cringe, haha.
Over and Out.:rofl:


Wow! That makes it easy easier to get an A.R.L. now! I looked into getting one a long time ago, but I felt insecurely slow at Morse Code, so I gave up.

You could’ve gotten yours back then too. They didnt require you to be fast at all. My ex taught me, but it was at a fast rate of speed and when I went to take the test, it was so slow that I got confused and just quit and walked out. I don’t remember it anymore, except for one phrase and a few words.

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Bob Urich’s “Bangaroo Headaches” always made me laugh.


Is this a lawful order? I plead the 4th and 5th Amendment.

'N Dat’s All Folks.


Well… my real name starts with a “T”. In college, my humorous roommates gave me the nickname “TBag”… which you can look up here… Urban Dictionary: teabag <— WARNING: #NSFW

#TMI EDIT: I just realized that my nickname is kinda an oxymoron, cuz I’ve never executed the teabag maneuver. Spending time with the ladies is not my strongest suit… which explains why I’m seen on here adding some-sorta contribution.


Obamaphiles loved dissing Tea Party geezers back in the day. And before that, Santorum. :wink:

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GESA Produce is our business. We have all our Wyze cameras on the produce farm propeety so I used the business name. GESA stands for Green Earth Sustainability Ambassadors. We mostly grow Hungarian Peppers, also some squash, watermellon, etc., and we don’t use pesticides. It’s all organic (and very delicious :grin:).